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    *positive vibes* needed

    I so hope it's not as bad as they fear. Sending you a gentle hug.
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    Stolen trailers.

    The police in my friend's case were absolutely useless. When she told them she'd found the trailer and was going to get it they just said be careful and don't go alone. No back up whatsover.
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    Stolen trailers.

    A friend had her trailer stolen recently, she's just found it and got it back. How did she do it? She got on the internet and searched for it on every FB marketplace in the country, tracked it down, over 20 days it had changed hands at least 3 times, it's been all over the UK and she's driven...
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    Hug your horses..

    Thank you all so so much for your kind messages, it means so much to me on this horrible day. We all know, with horses, to expect the unexpected on every level, but when the worst happens it's always shocking to the core. Rose was only 12, fit and healthy. In fact I found her through this...
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    Hug your horses..

    After just writing some stuff about Welshies this morning, went down the field to find my beautiful other mare, my standardbred, dead. It looks as though it was colic, she was fine at 6.30 yesterday evening. Feeling terrible. Go and hug your horse. Signing off for a bit. X
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    What is it about Welshies?

    My Welshie is a bossy opinionated madam at home and very sharp to hack out. Very forward going..and sideways going.snorty...spooky....with planting her feet and doing little half rears for good measure. I've actually never felt safer on a horse and as Conniegirl says it's best to just laugh it...
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    Sig's Excellent European Adventure

    I've been following your journey with the wonderful Sig, not commented yet but my thoughts are with you this morning and I hope you get the best news. Sending you a hug xx
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    Pembrokeshire move - socialising

    Hi Lacuna. Looks like you're in the same area as me, message me if you like, I'm definitely up for a meet up/coffee/drinks.
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    Live out at night ??

    Mine have been up by the gate and wiggling their eyebrows at me at 9am every morning recently. The flies are starting to get bad by then. The horses are so relieved to get into the stables, I let them out at 6pm, any earlier and they refuse to even put a hoof out of the door.
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    This woman is awesome!
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    Why are welshies so sharp?

    That is so exactly how mine is. I do feel incredibly safe riding her though, despite all the sideways and snorting she does. Somebody mentioned cow pony? Mine would be brilliant judging by the way she is in the field with the other horses. She'll single a random one out, cut it away from the...
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    Horse died from a seizure right outside my house

    How awful. My arab died the same way 3 years ago, he had a massive seizure, he'd never had one before, and broke his leg as he was struggling on the ground. It happened in the field, I was there with him as were the rest of my herd and his closest little pony friend spent hours over the next few...
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    Hello from me

    Signed with love and hope.
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    RIP heart is broken

    Unexpected, unfair and unbearably sad. Sending you a gentle hug.
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    What do you miss about DIY, what do you miss about Full?

    Shysmum. Ditto every word you say. I'm flying solo too, it has it's good points but it's hard, especially through the winter.