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    stonegrove ace

    Mmm all very intresting....she had great paces, I could feel that even though she was unfit...but gut feeling is making ask questions x
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    stonegrove ace

    This ones the big orange sort....16.3. Could only have a quiet ride as it is so unfit so any info is fantastc thanks x
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    stonegrove ace

    Does anyone here have a horse by him? looking at one at the mo and just trying to get an idea of the kind of temprement his offspring tend to have. Horse is very nice but very unfit so want to know if it could turn into a monster when I get it fit. Any info would be fantastic x
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    nvq horse care courses

    Yes this is possible, but it is hard to find yards that can/will do it. If you contact lantra they may be able to give you a helping hand. Funding is also hard to come by, and if you are over 25 non existant!
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    does anyone no any professional yards in scotland that help with..

    Where in Scotland are you and what is the problem? PM if you like x
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    Riding a horse w/ bone spavin...

    I know how you feel, but don't loose heart. My lad was diagnosed with spavin last year. He had an odd action rather than hoping lame. x-rays showed us it was starting to fuse so we kept him going quietly, got his shoes changed, he went on to eggbars, but wedges are used for spavin as well. I...
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    thorowgood T4

    Thanks for the info, dont worry al adjustments are done by a pro who knows what he is doing, the boy is to special to me to have just anyone fit him. Shall now contact my saddler and get it all lined up.
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    thorowgood T4

    Hi, Can anyone on here tell me if the thorowgood T4 range can be flocked??? Realy want one, and tried one on my lad today. it fits well apart from a small gap under the back right side panel, has the same gap with his GP so it was adjusted to allow for this so my plan would be for the same thing...
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    Andrew Hamilton

    Would rather spend the time nailing my feet to the floor but if you like your jumping you will like his teaching, full of great ideas to get both you and your horse thinking...have friend that use him all the time, but I would find him way to scarey
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    Collateral Ligament Injury

    Yes, but in the front leg. She pulled a shoe off in the field and in doing so gave herself a damage. It took 18 months and a fantastic farrier to get her sound, but she has been since feb (touch wood) she is jumping again, and last week she had a cross country school and remained sound...that...
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    Journey went well

    It was a good day...and the sun was shining
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    Journey went well

    Traveled my horse with another today for the first time in two years and he was great!!!!! Even when we were stuck in road works I am so happy with him had a great lesson and then he never moved all he way home again, just munched on his haynet. Was a wee bit jumpy when we got home, but he...
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    feeling sick with worry

    Traveling my boy with another horse today for the first time in two years, he travels well on his own, but tends to move around a lot in company. Its just over an hour journey and the last time we did this one with this horse, three years ago he pulled his shoe off. Main worry is he pulls my...
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    nuumed numnahs? worth it? or any other recommendations?

    I love the numed high wither half lined ones, only thing I will use on my horse. had some four years now and they are like new if washed after a couple of uses and fluffed up..I use my main and tail brush to fluff it. Use a Mattes on one of the others I look after and even though I wash it with...
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    No passport

    Don't want to come across as a nag...they are nice people and are upset that they are having to give the pony up, only doing so as they know how good a match it is and that she will want for nothing.