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    People in Co. Longford - Looking for a specific vet practice

    is it a bay called Morgan by any chance? I sold one to one of his daughter and she jumped him for a few years but then sold him to a fella named Robert Harrison who sold him again and he ended up in a dealers yard in Scotland , I did email them but never got an answer :( I lost track of him
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    whereabouts in Ireland?

    what part of Longford are you from ? Im near Ballinalee ( Im English but lived here with my irish husband for over ten years)
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    Also in Breeding , can you look at my mares lady bits

    vulvas relax and elongate in preparation for birth , it wouldnt be the first time a mare has produced a surprise foal :)
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    Also in Breeding , can you look at my mares lady bits

    the size of each mares vulva will vary , you should know whats normal for each horse , if hers looks differently than it normally does Id have to ask is there any chance she could be pregnant now? does she have signs of bagging up ?
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    Does my mini shetland have to wear a bridle for in hand shows?

    Im pretty sure he should wear a bridle but what the heck , if its an unaffiliated show put slip on him and go and have fun , you might ask the judge what the correct head gear is and get it for him later on
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    Have put my shettie in with my mare.......

    Ive known several minis getting killed by bigger horses , even a playful kick can break their legs , my friends TB mare accidently laid on her mini stallion while trying to allow him to cover her , he was badly hurt and left crippled
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    Miniature Horses/Ponies.......Why?

    a judge will look for exactly the same thing as they do in any other class, conformation is conformation whatever the breed , they will check teeth also to make sure the have an even bite , if conformation is equal the judge will place minis with longer necks and legs higher than short heavy...
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    A few questions about minis, any mini owners out there?

    minis are usually clipped and shown in a cable halter , there are mini shows all around the country and several societies , take a look at he MHCGB website!__home we travel them in a standard horde box but many of us have had partitions made so the box fits 4 minis in...
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    Calling Spotty Experts

    difficult to say without knowing which patterns the stallion carries ( and if he carries varnish) but Id guess yours will be an extended blanket spot
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    Mini foalies first month

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    A Use For Miniature Ponies

    we were in a similar situation due to my husbands illness , we had two 17.2 irish sport horses when we took in a rescue mini , within a year Id given up riding and collected more minis , I now have 21 LOL , we show and breed American minis mostly but also have some falabellas and BMHS , many...
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    Thread to reminisce about pre health and safety/designer riding wear days

    this is the best thread ever , Ive done almost everything mentioned on here ! hehhe re the strapped on blanket , we did the same thing in 1973 but only because we couldnt afford the saddle for a while !
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    What sort of horse owner are you??

    Im an obsessive collector with 26 miniature horses ( soon to be 28) , although I dont work and am lucky enough to be at home all day I live and breathe horses and talk of nothing else and youre right ...all my friends are into horses too oh and I suppose Im a BIT competitive too , I show quite...
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    Minature horse/pony people-HELP!!!

    did you go to the sale yet ? if these are mini shetlands you dont clip any of them but if theyre mini horses as a general rule you would just present the broodmares clean and tidy , make sure the feet are in good order , perhaps trim the hair from below the jawline , the show mares and spotty...
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    Help! Show name needed! pics of new boy.

    he looks buckskin to me too so Id call him Buck The Trend , nice boy ! a buckskin is a bay horse with a cream gene a bay dun is a bay horse with a dun gene (dorsal , face mask , leg barring etc)