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    Bacterial virus & Lung Scope/Wash

    Thank you. I will try not to! :(
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    lung scope and BAL

    Thank you for the reply. I am hoping that some form of medication and management will sort this out. As there was no cough it baffled me (although I have a lung condition and I didn't have normal symptoms either). He was really quite fit in the summer with no complaints but I suppose it could...
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    lung scope and BAL

    Sorry to hear that about your boy and thanks for the response.
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    lung scope and BAL

    Did you find out what was wrong with your horse in the end? Did he have treatment and how well did he recover? My horse is booked for a scope and lung wash on Tuesday - he doesn't have a cough but is severely under the weather although he's been on antibiotics the past week.
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    Bacterial virus & Lung Scope/Wash

    Thank you. I'll have a read. I suppose the thing is, I shouldn't try and diagnose until the vet has done the scope otherwise I'll be thinking all sorts :( x
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    Bacterial virus & Lung Scope/Wash

    My horse (TB, aged 8) recently got imself a bacterial infection - thought to be in the gut - which I thought as he had severe weight loss. The vet also thought this coud be in his lungs. He has not been coughing and his breathing is good. The only thing I noticed which he was treated for was...
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    Mini carrying dog - am I mad?

    This is the best post I've ever had the joy to read and it's made my night/morning! There must be a way and I think the basket saddle is a good idea but don't they move a lot from side to side? Doggy needs to be inside something definitely; do let us see pics of this wonderful image when...
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    cool stance copra vs linseed

    I posted on 17th Nov and my horse was a bag of bones as I'd been feeding him Copra & Linseed. He has put on some weight since I stopped feeding the copra. I also found out he had a bacterial infection which didn't help but he is on the mend now. So pleased I read this post! :)
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    Hi I'm very new

    Hi Aliah, Just to point out (and it won't be for everyone, I'm sure) but recently I fed Copra and Linseed to my TB and his weight dropped significantly. It was scary to say the least. There is a very detailed post on this forum at...
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    Feed to gain condition

    Be careful mixing Copra with linseed. There is a post on this forum about how the two do not agree well with one another and I have found out first hand. Also, my horse has a bacterial infection and I'm...
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    Feeding EGUS prone horse

    Hi everyone, I've been having a look into feeding recenly for my (very) sensitive ginger gelding (TB, ex-racer). He literally falls apart with the slighest amount of sugar/starch in his diet so at the moment has Dengie HiFi Molasses Free & Micronised Linseed with a multivitamin supplement...
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    Hind gut woes- WWYD?

    I use Saracen Equishure to treat my horse's hind gut issues. It's fabulous for him. It's made our lives a lot better!
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    cool stance copra vs linseed

    I feel awful!!!!! One massive mistake I made recently was to give my TB Copra Coolstance on top of his hay, chaff, micronized linseed, additives and supplement diet recently. He dropped weight like there was no tomorrow and looks awful. :( I wish I'd seen the post on this forum before I decided...
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    Walking backwards - what to do??

    This is happening to me now with my pony but I've read through everyone's comments and I'll be walking backwards aboard him the very next time this happens! I am seriously losing the will to ride him, especially when everyone else's horses on our yard are so well behaved :( (sorry for the...
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    sore feet causing sore back?

    I had my pony's back done today and my 'Back Lady' suggested front shoes as the muscles due to a neck injury (just above the withers) were developing in an odd way due to the neck overcompensating for strength needed etc. She believes shoes may help. I'm going to try it...