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    Digital.Equine Register

    The new Chief Vet and the DEFRA Minister say get your horse micro chipped before the deadline of October. At my last FIR they said there were 611000 horses on the register without microchips. They say check your details are correct by entering your microchip number you cannot use the UELN to...
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    Elite AES-stallion

    Try Eva-Maria Broomer on her facebook page and you will get a response.
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    Elite AES-stallion

    I presume you are saying Argento is oot t by Arko III out of Flora May or is that the correct pedigree.
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    Elite AES-stallion

    This is an increasing problem in sports horses who change country and name and it is important for the breeder as in many EU Countrys financial reward is offerd to breeders or the success of their progeny. DNA testing became mandatory for some studbooks around 2006 and in Germany some pasports...
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    What breed is my baby??

    The horse will be ID only unless a DNA search shows the sire is approved for breeding by a studbook.
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    exporting horses from UK

    DEFRA has accepted that the Tri Paartite agreement will no longer exist. The EU will not make exceptions for racing ask Gallop.
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    exporting horses from UK

    The rules will be the same as any other third country which we will become and will not change from the current rules for a third country.
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    Passport question

    Some studbooks give a certificate of ownership so you keep that and if someone wants to change ownership and they do not have one the studbook checks with the registered owner before carring out the change get you studbook to do it
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    exporting horses from UK

    When you import a horse into the EU for the first 30days it becomes a temporary import and where it is stabled will put it n its records if it is there for more than 90 days it becomes a permanent import and they will enter it on their national database. Make sure your passport has no written...
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    Olympia finale

    The TV coverage was aweful one dressage test and flahes of other tests. No mention of the British Bred Horses in horses Duke of Briitian and top Hawtiins Delicato.
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    Really want a career in racing

    The BRS at Newmarket is excellent but you will have to pass the weight requirement and they do find a job for you.
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    You will need an ID only passport and should use a recognised breed society who also issue ID only ,with Brexit the commercial PIO passports may be a problem with the EU but it is expected DEFRA will get recognition for the studbooks.
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    The A43 at Towcester. The first one on a dual carriageway .We persuaded them to have the button set baCK FROM THE ROAD AND THE ACCESS WAS DOWN A SLOPE SO WE HAD IT AT AN ANGLE SO THE HORSES COULS SEE THE approaching traffic The refuge in the center had boarding with gaps so the horses could see...
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    Irish Sport Horses

    Some years ago an Irish dealer bought some warmbloods at auction and threw the passports away and when asked why he said he couls sell Irish horses of no known breeding but not Warmbloods. There have ben changes at the top of the Irish Studbooks and I hope we do not see examples like the event...
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    Who is the breeder of a foal?

    When a foal was borrn the husband claimed part ownership of the foal even thought they seperated before the mare was inseminated. As there can be disagreements with a surrogated mare in embryo transfere. The person who paid for the insemination process is the owner of the foal and anyone useing...