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    Swollen Sheath

    Can anyone help?? my gelding gets bitten on his bits and it swells really big anybody got any idea on what I can put on it to stop the damn midges biting his bits and making 10 times the size??
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    Dogs at Badminton WHY????

    I totally agree with you. I went to Badminton I think everybody had a dog apart from me and my friends!! They were everywhere every shape and form!! Two dogs chased two horses. Im sure the dog owners would object if we took horses to CRUFTS!!
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    Another reason to ban dogs from horse events...

    I agree!!! I went too Badminton this year and apart form me and a few others everybody had a dog or two!!! Two dogs got loose and chased the horses, thank god the horses didnt take a blind bit of notice of the dog attached to its heels!! I wonder how the dog owners would feel if we took the...
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    Headshaking question

    Hi my horse is a head shaker in the summer he does have COPD and the pollen affects him so im trying the nose net for the first time and seems to be working.
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    Was I wrong to be angry

    At least with Show Jumping you know how you have done, you either had the jump down or you didn't..simple & transparantly fairer. [/ QUOTE ] I agree with you there. I think its who you know in the showing world!!
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    Was I wrong to be angry

    I went to the first show of the season and entered my cob into Mountain and Moorland class. There were 12 entered the judge pulled us all in to line and I think I was about 7th. We did our individul shows after I finished the judge said to me "dont worry about taking your saddle off only the...
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    McTimoney practitioners Wales

    I use Paddy too shes a Star! Really good with the horses my horse loves it coz she gives him a back massage!! I didnt know you had to ask your vet first. I never have!! Not sure how far she will travel she from Llanybydder! Good luck
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    Section D Advice please

    Hi Ive got a Section D that Im showing this year I dont touch his feathers (its the first year he has got them im sure he cuts them himself on purpose!!) I used to bang his tail which made his bum look like it was being dragged down. somebody told me to point it. like everybody else says either...
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    FUMING- RSPCA..............

    [ QUOTE ] Oh Taffy2 how wonderful that you have the connection and can also make sure the little man has the correct name. Thank you! [/ QUOTE ] Sorry I missed spelt his name several times I got so excited that someone else knew the story about Targget that my finger went to fast for the...
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    FUMING- RSPCA..............

    [ QUOTE ] Ok, going to tell you a little story. Something very similar happened near here - with a rescue pony called Taggert. Now I can't remember the whole story - but essentially he was taken to The Society for the Welfare of Horses & Ponies after being rescued by the RSPCA from...
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    Name help please..... he's nearly a year old!!!

    charisma - He looks like hes got plenty of it!!!
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    Advice on muzzels/over weight horse!!

    Too be onest with you I think she looks Brill!!!!!!! Cobs arnt the easiest horses to keep weight off but I think your doing all the right things!!
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    is she too fat? and summer feeding

    Fair play she doesnt look 26!! I would say she a bit on the fat side but I would suggest strip grazing! I would suggest it to your YO!! I have a cob and trying to keep his weight down is a tough job but I strip graze him and ride him it seems to be working! I wish losing weight weight was that...
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    Which is less dusty.... straw or your average bag of shavings?

    I would also say shavings but some shavings meant to be dust free makes me sneeze!!!
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    Advice on Studs

    Great thanks! We shall find out on Saturday 1st show Argghh!!!!