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    Worlds most stressful day. A tale of Harry the hyperchondriac

    Yes - I used to share a TB several years ago who was prone to abcesses, the first time it happened, I arrived at the yard to find him on 3 legs, swinging the fourth and wearing the most tragically 'wounded' expression you've ever seen. After nearly having a heart attack myself in horror we then...
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    We have created a problem-help!

    Ours, who is also a collie, will sometimes to this. I can normally tell if he really wants to go out or he's just messing - or making a dawn raid on the bed. But, I do sometimes send him back to his bed if I'm not sure. If he really wants to go out, he'll come back and ask again. Not ruling...
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    Good 'light' or food for losing weight.

    Well he has a mini bonio type biscuit treat when I leave for work and the dogwalker gives him one of those or a mini marrowbone biscuit treat after she has walked him but that's it. I don't think cutting these out will do much on their own although I'm happy to cut them out. He's not very...
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    pressure selling - your horse live, dogs trust

    I work for a charity and although I don't work in the fundraising dept, I didn't think you were allowed to do the 'hard sell' anymore so they sound well out of line. I would complain to the Dogs Trust - the people doing the hard sell may have been staff but they could have been volunteers or...
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    Good 'light' or food for losing weight.

    Thanks all -think i might just switch back to the Arden Grange Lite, he did well on that before but i thought it would be good to hear about other options.
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    Good 'light' or food for losing weight.

    S4sugar - off the top of my head I can't remember but its considerably less than the daily recommended allowance. I can weigh it later when I feed him. CC - probably not but we are talking about less than a tablespoon here and he gets a bit fussy without the topper. He get tinned sardines in...
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    Good 'light' or food for losing weight.

    Our collie has porked out a bit and needs to lose some weight. He's currently fed on Arden Grange Chicken and Rice with half a pouch of JWB wet food as a topper - can't really cut down the amount as he's pretty much on the bare minimum so would like to change dry food. I know AG do a light...
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    How are your dogs with fireworks?

    My collie will just come and jump on your knee - or as close as he can get and snuggle right up to you. No fuss otherwise, he doesn't shake or bark or anything and actually will watch them from his snuggled up position but at the first bang, he just stops whatever he's doing and makes a...
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    Is anyone a dog groomer?

    I think PuccinPony on here is. I'm considering a career change so I'd also be interested in hearing all about it :-]
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    border collie rescues near north yorkshire

    There is also this one which is based at Barbara Sykes Mainline Centre in Yorkshire.
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    Surrey Dog Training - any thoughts?

    Yes, we want 1-1 training - sorry, I should have been clearer. I am a bit *gulp* at the £45 too but don't have an issue paying the money if the trainer is worth it. Wouldn't want to fork out that much for someone who is a bit pants though!
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    Surrey Dog Training - any thoughts?

    Good or bad - pm if you prefer. Mine can be a bit dog aggressive and they have been recommended to me to help address these issues. I'd be interested to hear peoples thoughts if they've had any experiences with them. Thanks in advance :-)
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    Oscar Pistorius.

    I lost a whole stack of respect for Oscar Pistorius when he made those comments. Not because they weren't legitimate but it was definitely wrong time, wrong place and actually I feel sorry for Oliviera. Talk about having your thunder stolen - all people will remember now is Oscar's comments...
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    Showjumping on tv tomorrow??

    Does anyone know if the individual showjumping is on tv tomorrow and if so, what time and what channel?? Getting really cross with not being able to work out when things are on - HHO seems to be the only reliable source of information!!
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    American Olympic Team & Christian Athletes to be Fed with Halal Meat

    Wow - that has to be one of the most balanced articles in the Daily Fail that I've ever read - shame all their articles aren't like that!! Much better than the other article which just appeared to want to go off on a racist rant - not really interested in that... I agree that all meat...