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    Searching for HARVEY!

    Hi I'm looking to trace HARVEY, a 13.2 chestnut gelding with a thick flaxen mane and tail. He would be 13/14 now and he liked to nip and could be quite stubborn but was quite a good jumper. He was last sold in Malpas Cheshire in 2012, we miss him and would welcome any info xxx
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    "No martingale and a simple snaffle bridle"

    The kids at our yard are all hoping for five point breastplates, when I asked why the answer I got was because they look nice!!!
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    Would you be angry?

    Nope. I wouldn't be angry if my sharer chose to have a lesson with a four year old child or the devil himself if she or he so wished.....
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    What creature does your hose share feed with? Pictures

    She doesn't seem to mind.....
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    Pictures Improvement in four weeks!

    Trying again..
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    Pictures Improvement in four weeks!

    This is what she was like four weeks ago
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    Pictures Improvement in four weeks!

    From my wild shire TBX with headcollar sores and dull coat To this in four weeks I'm so pleased with how she is coming on!
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    Your dream livery yard?

    I'm on it. We have huge brick stables, well lit. Floodlit arena, CCTV, 24/7 turnout in 200 acres in mixed herd with hedges, streams and woodland. Free tea and coffee, a great bunch of people that socialise together outside of horses. Amazing Xmas parties that get talked about forever! I could go...
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    How could someone do this?

    That's what happened to my mare when I got her. The sores were so deep they were oozing with pus. Thankfully I've now treated them all and I'm hopeful the fur will grow back ok. The most wonderful thing of all is that she's trusted me to put another (padded) headcollar on her. Aren't animals...
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    shire x tb - temperment etc

    God she looks just like mine! :-)
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    Putting weight on a worrier

    I swear by calm and condition it's ace plus ad lib hay
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    Rugging.....let's have a debate!

    My shire TB x will have a waterproof on all winter and nothing else. This is to keep her dry as I believe a horses warmth comes from the provision of good and adequate forage. There are people on my yard who's horses are already trussed up like Xmas turkey's so god knows what they will do when...
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    shire x tb - temperment etc Here's my shire TB x at two years old. She seems to have a lovely nature so far
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    Charging through gateways

    No she's not used to a bit or bridle yet, she was untouchable four weeks ago!
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    Charging through gateways

    No there's never any horses nearby