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    What to do with gypsy cob mane

    Whichever you prefer. I used to complete an Arab and I did a running plant in his mane and left his forelock loose if I could be bothered, or just left the whole lot. It shouldn't make any difference to the judge.
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    Another B+E question.. recommendations in north west?

    Our neighbours at work in Bolton are called truk driver training. They train paramedics to drive ambulances so although I haven't used them myself they're probably worth looking at.
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    Vets in the wider Bolton area - recommendations please!

    Simon Bullen is in that area I think. He's a farrier. I use Andrew Melling vets.
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    How long to see an improvement - laminitis

    My ems companion pony came in with very mild laminitis two weeks ago. She is fine in a straight line but lame on a tight turn. She's been stabled ever since with soaked hay and her pulses feel much better, although still there. How long would you expect before you would expect to see an...
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    Ulcer Treatment

    Thanks everyone. I'll pass that on
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    Ulcer Treatment

    A friend of mine's horse has just been diagnosed with ulcers. The treatment supplied by the vet is costing her a huge amount of money and I am sure that people on here have in the past recommended some cheaper sources. Searching for ulcers on here brings up so many threads! Please could...
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    Cob Dressage Saddle - Wintec Isabel or Pro (or something else?!)

    Given the choice between those two, I would definitely go for the Isabel. It's a much nicer (and more expensive new) saddle.
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    Stand aside chicken rugs, let us welcome...

    How annoying, I bought my ponies two new no-fill rugs last month. They definitely don't need any more. They live with a border collie too.
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    Best low calorie chaff

    Hi fi molasses free has much less sugar than hi fi light. I think it's 2.5% rather than 7%. I swapped when the molasses free version came out.
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    Physio and Saddler in Lancashire?

    It would depend whereabouts in Lancashire. I've used Michelle Thorpe for saddle fitting and Andrea Townson for physio.
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    Boss completing timesheet - am I overreacting!?

    It's not having to detail the hours, it's that the op can't choose her own hours. If you are self employed you should be able to chose the hours you work and also chose not to do them if you don't want to.
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    Anxiety dreams about horses

    I'm another who fairly regularly dreams about forgetting to feed my animals. It's usually guinea pigs but can also be my old horse. I hate these dreams so much, they're really upsetting.
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    Is insurance invalid if injuries are from barbed wire

    Insurance companies tend to have in their terms and conditions, a bit about how every effort must be made to keep the horse safe from harm. They could use this to get out of a lot of claims - no hi-viz, dodgy fencing, rider being too heavy etc.
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    Separation dilemma!

    I have two on a private yard. The one who is left behind has a stable mirror which has made a huge difference. She is also left with two treat balls and has the top stable door closed as she is inclined to jump out. She now calls when we get back but isn't really that bothered anymore.
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    Cresty pony!

    My companion pony is the same - visible ribs but a cresty neck. It's usually wobbly and I know to take extra care when it gets harder.