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    DIY/part livery nr. Exeter wanted for beginning of October

    My best friend goes to Exeter uni but had to leave her boy at home because she wasn't allowed a car in her first year. Just something to bear in mind :) maybe look for a yard on a bus route? edit - oops it doesnt say which year you're in, so this might be a completely useless point :p
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    Who isn't going to ride over the winter?

    In an ideal world I would let my horse have the winter off, but he gets bored and stiff so Im going to have to subject myself to freezing cold temperatures and ride!
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    50% Off Everything at Oldencraig E.C tackshop on line

    ohmygod i should really get off this website!!
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    who likes clipping??

    I like the finished result, but er, not the process! God bless having TBs who hardly grow a coat in the first place!
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    Anyone with horses living out rugging yet?

    My delicate flower is out in either a LW/MW at night with a massive pile of haylage...where did the grass go!?
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    Polite Notice Hi-Viz

    I think its a great idea and I always wear mine hacking out, but some people are complete idiots and think if its a police horse it must be safe and go past really close to my horse! or.. Maybe I dont look intimidating enough to be a policewoman! :p Going to get the hatband and exercise sheet...
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    Riding with radio/music

    I sometimes school with one earphone in if I have a lot of fittening work to do, otherwise I get quite bored! I never hack with my ipod though.
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    How are your skinny, not very good doer TB's looking at the moment??

    My older boy has dropped a lot of weight despite good teeth and some nights Im even putting a MW rug on him. I can see his ribs and everything :(
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    Buying an 18 year old horse...advice?

    My boy is 20 now and he is actually getting better with age. He has had several injuries from a high-mileage past but with careful management he is unstoppable. I would only say that the winter with a veteran can be quite difficult if they have arthritis, a few winters ago I actually considered...
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    confidence is real low...

    Maybe lunge her before you ride to take the edge of her? I did this with my ex-racer who had had some time off due to me being injured.
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    Feeding Advice please

    Stick with what you're feeding and add some micronized linseed/oil source for energy?
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    Feeding for fitness

    i agree, feed for work done not work to be done :)
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    Recommend me Insurance for 21 yrs young horse

    I insured my oldie with Petplan before he turned 15 so still get 5k vet fees cover...although monthly he now costs £50+ ...crazy!
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    Let the nightmare begin, anyone else dislike selling horses/ponies?

    I haven't sold any of mine but I can't begin to imagine how awful it must feel!