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    Veteran not eating his haylage

    I have a 27 year old WB who has decided he doesn't want to eat his haylage. I am concerned that at his age he isn't getting sufficient to eat. He looks well, is only ridden occasionally and has recently had his teeth done. He is fed Hoofkind, conditioning cubes and Calm and Condition with...
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    Horsebox rubber matting

    After a bit of a scare last weekend where one of the four pieces of rubber matting came unstuck in our wagon while the horses were travelling, I've decided to put just one big piece down so there's no risk of it moving. But because it's so big, I'm struggling to find a company that deals in...
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    Neutering an older dog

    We've recently adopted an 8 year old lab. He's entire and I"m trying to persuade my other half that he needs to be done (dog not my other half!! Lol). Please give me your wise opinions on this matter so I can put forward some decent argument to my husband. I've spoken to my vet and she's on my...
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    Any tips to stop manes rubbing in winter?

    every winter the same problem. My two will be wearing rugs with neck covers once the weather starts to deteriorate. Not a problem on one as he's hogged. My veteran however always loses his mane from about half way up his neck to his withers. Any ideas? I'm thinking no neck covers this year. Am...
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    False Plaits!

    I have bought some of said items - but try as I might, attaching them seems the most impossible task!!! We have only a small amount of mane to attach them to but enough to hair gel into a small bunch (and I mean a small small bunch!!!) as per instructions, but what to do next?!!! Sew or...
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    Breeches- the good and the bad!

    I have got to that certain age (50) where everything's starting to feel tight. I hate the new style of hipster breeches. They seem to accentuate all those fat bits!! Please recommend me some nice comfy (yet flattering) breeches. I love Ariats and they've always fitted well but now finding them a...
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    If you could live anywhere in the NW...

    We live in the beautiful Eden Valley in South Cumbria. Just off the M6, so easy for commuting, fantastic countryside in the Howgills and great hacking!! Adore it!
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    Saddles for ladies

    I know that WOW saddles do a cc comfort sea at for women. Does anyone know of any other saddle makers who do too? A lw cob with a tall long legged rider and proving difficult to find something comfortable.
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    How to train siamese cats!

    I love a good Siamese - so full of character. I've just lost my girl so will be looking for another soon but refuse to pay for a kitten - want a rescue cat!
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    What would you do? Cat dilemma

    Well latest update on Gizmo - he's had his biopsy so hopefully results back before I go and collect him on Saturday - cage at the ready in the stable with nice comfy bed and litter tray and plenty of food - it sounds like I may have to take out a mortgage to satisfy his insatiable appetite...
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    What would you do? Cat dilemma

    Ha ha! Thank you everyone. Await vet's daily call to see how "Gizmo" (I christened him last night so I guess he's staying!!!) is - he'll be having his skin biopsy today and then a very well earned bath tomorrow. The vet's have said he's a feisty little chap!! I think he defo deserves his...
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    What would you do? Cat dilemma

    Good news. Skin scrapes show no parasites present. Vet thinks skin reaction caused by malnutrition. Apparently he's very bright and eating like a horse. Bloods normal and urine ok. They"re doing a skin biopsy to see what that shows. Now I have to think of a name! Any suggestions?
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    What would you do? Cat dilemma

    Thanks all. It's looking very likely that he's found himself a new home then! He's been scanned for chip and nothing. Waiting for vets to ring us back to confirm what's made his skin so sore. Poor little chap is very bald and being black and long haired it's very noticeable. Poor boy.
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    What would you do? Cat dilemma

    Yesterday while out riding I found a little stray cat. He has a terrible skin condition and I mean terrible. Despite both me and my daughter being mounted he came up to us miaowing and allowed me to pick him up and take him home. I took him to the vets last night and they're keeping him in...
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    Navicular Syndrome in a Connemara 5 YR old - how common?

    I second Scarlett. Look at Rockley Farm - inspirational. I have a 15.1 show cob diagnosed with navicular syndrome 5 years ago. I went down the barefoot route - and have never looked back. He now hunts, wh, xc, shows and hacks happily. I do have to watch what he eats. But I know what...