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    Advice please! Malvern Horse Sales 25th May

    Afternoon Everyone! I am considering heading over to the Brightwells Sales at the end of May and was wondering if anyone has any tips, or if the advice is to avoid it? Brightwells has a reputation as being a safe auction with minimal horses being dumped through there due to them being...
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    Nervous lorry driving!

    OMG!! I DID IT!! So my dad drove up from home (2 hours away!) to sit with me and i drove the box with my Ozzy in it through town, up and down steep hills, round roundabouts and overtook a very wide tractor towing a combine header! The day before I was struggling to get it refueld, there...
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    Nervous lorry driving!

    Is this the bit where I admit my other half is a horse transporter... He would be very useful to have in the other seat except for 1) I would recreate Mastermax's experience and add some 2) he would offer 'helpful' suggestions... 3) he's dropping horses off in Belgium or Holland and...
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    Nervous lorry driving!

    Thank you all so much! I'm going to try and get the garage to drop it off then I'll sneak out at a quiet time and practise... I'm not a nervous driver normally, I'm just very intimidated by the size of the thing!
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    Nervous lorry driving!

    Thank you! It's ridiculous, I've now started driving round petrol station forecourts to see how scary the HGV route is!! Actually bricking it!!
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    Nervous lorry driving!

    I need some help! I passed my lorry test about a month ago, I've just had my lorry mot'd and the first time I'll have driven it will be when I go pick it up. I have regionals on Sunday. I am terrified of driving it. I wasn't confident driving the lorry I learned in, somehow managed to...
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    Racehorse rehoming charities - recommendations please

    the facebook page Ex Racehorses For Sale is a great page where you can be open and honest about what you have for sale and why. Its run by a couple of people who retrain as well. a photo and a brief description would be enough for people to snap your arm off!
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    Help !! im kinda nervous

    I would speak to a Rural Surveyor. Ring the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers and they'll point you to a firm local to you.
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    Which fertiliser is best?

    you shouldn't have to plough and reseed, but you can buy acre bags of grazing grass seed from most CWG/ mole valley/ farm-equine emporiums and walk over the field with a hand pushed seed machine (from B&Q/ Homebase). It's a cheaper way of reseeding it!
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    Any advice on tail trimming please.

    He's chestnut but his mane is almost 'blonde' and his tail is silver underneath a thin layer of chestnut tail hair. It's difficult to describe but his tail looks to go from chestnut at the top to silver at the bottom. I used to plait him ( :o) so the underneath silver hair was on top of the...
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    Any advice on tail trimming please.

    My Welsh D looked best with a just below hock height tail. bit radical, but it really lifted his back end! this was mostly out of necessity though, the dreadlocks and filth in a silver tail were most unsightly!
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    have you tried the British Racing School in Newmarket, or the Northern Racing School in Doncaster. Personally contacts are the best bet- who does the person you ride out for know. Can they help? Xx
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    your thoughts on grass mats??

    we used them in our field gateway! someone who used to have an electric car on these grass mats got fed up of lifting them out of the grass and gave them to us! We had previously put down a lot of hardcore that had eventually sunk and been covered in mud and it has made a good base for the...
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    A horse is being fraudulently advertised as vice free

    Yes "vices" legally need to be disclosed, this is a really short list of weaving, wind sucking... not rearing bucking or napping! But one important phrase: Caveat Emptor. In a private sale anything over and above that does not have to be disclosed UNLESS the buyer states that are purchasing the...
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    Calling riders with low confidence! WWYD

    you really needed to get back on the horse, I would have told the OH to get out of the way because he was going to jump. It's great your confidence is growing, but you need to push yourself to affirm (confirm...?) your new found ability!