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    Advice on buying a cob in Ireland please

    Hello all. Long time member but been very inactive lately! I've read all the old threads about this topic but most of the dealer recommendations have websites which are years out of date so I wonder if you good folk can help please? I'm hoping to make a trip to Ireland in a few weeks to see...
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    supporting Prince Fluffy Kareem again. No money required!

    Another way to support PFK is to go to Amazon Smile (just type it in the search bar) and order through this instead of normal Amazon. They will give 0.5% of anything you spend to the charity you choose and PFK is one of them. Not that much as a % but if we all did it....
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    I joy ride machine

    I have one! as others say, the movement is nothing like a horse but potentially could be a decent core workout - my problem is that my feet are on the floor if I am sitting on the thing in anything like a riding position, even with a saddle on it (I am 5ft 8). I have been meaning, for about 5...
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    When you think you have bought the wrong horse

    What an interesting thread. I have 3 perspectives, for what they are worth. 1. What if this new horse has pain or discomfort somewhere? People have mentioned ulcers but there are many other possibilities including skeletal problems (which wouldn't be that surprising in an ex racehorse)...
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    hock fusion - also in vet

    My horse had an operation on arthritic hocks aged 8 - to fuse them, but they didn't mention ethanol - they may have done that. Anyway he is now 14 and has been sound since (until a suspensory injury this year) though i have given him danilon for its anti inflammatory effect. (I think i am...
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    The final goodbye :(

    Oh, I am so sorry. But how lovely that he got to such a wonderful age being loved and cherished.
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    How to teach my horse to use a muzzle - tips please?

    Thank you! Yes I have got the stanley knife out ready to cut a bigger hole in an old one. Plaiting is out as we are hogged! :)
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    Can't deal with this

    Oh DD, this is just agonizing. I lost my youngster to acute grass sickness last year and I am hoping for a miracle for you. xxx
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    How to teach my horse to use a muzzle - tips please?

    Thanks for the tip about the sheepskin - I can get working on that whilst I wait for the h/c to arrive. (The one I have got is literally just a basket and you need the h/c to attach it to).
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    Having horses PTS before their 'time'.

    There will always be people who will criticise you. The important thing is whether you feel at peace with your decision. I would certainly rather see aged or problem horses PTS quietly at home rather than be left to take their chances in the hands of an unknown buyer.
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    Mums! Riding after episiotomy?

    This is not very helpful as I gave up riding for 25 years, during which time I had my children - but when I started again 10 years after a nasty tear and extensive needlework, I didn't have any problems!
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    How to teach my horse to use a muzzle - tips please?

    Thank you Amicus! I have got a green guard basket but just waiting for the head collar to come in in his size (tried a pony size but too small). I think that looks as though he may be able to eat easier through it than the Shires or the Dinky which are the most recent I have tried.
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    How to teach my horse to use a muzzle - tips please?

    Thank you for posting! I originally thought this QB, but watching him today he did make an effort to try and eat through it! And I know I will get slated on here again for saying it, but I have meanwhile been putting a rubber straight bar snaffle on him on a slip head for grazing and he (touch...
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    How to teach my horse to use a muzzle - tips please?

    I've posted before about not being able to get a muzzle to stay on Bilbo as he scrapes it off on the tree. I've just tried my 3rd brand of muzzle on him to see if it makes any difference and it was off within 5 minutes. I have concluded that he can't work out how to eat any grass through the...
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    Riding a WET horse ???

    Interested in this thread! For those who say towel off first, why do you do this? (serious question) - presumably you can't get the horse completely dry by doing this so why is it better to be damp rather than wet? And does it matter if by towelling you rub the hair in the wrong direction?