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    Sell? PTS?

    If you fel that you may be wrong about him settling further, then why not set yourself a time limit and see how he is after that and then make any decisions? I had a mare that had the most wonderful temperament, but it was only with hindsight that I could see that it took her around a year...
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    Sell? PTS?

    My heart is breaking for your poor horse, in my view pts would be ending his suffering, emotional pain can be as severe as any physical pain and to be constantly stressed and unhappy isn't a good life for him and he is at risk of ending up far worse off with the wrong person and life being even...
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    TB's rescued from stud

    There are some awful stories of neglect by Hillside, and animals that appeals are put out for and are then mysteriously never seen again. There is currently a petition running to ask for a thorough investigatgion of the place from stories of neglect and animals buried on the site. A quick...
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    Leo flipped and smashed a carriage to pieces tonight

    So sorry to hear about your awful experience, funnily enough my dad had exactly the same experience with a cob bought from travellers. He was a well behaved horse until something went 'wrong' when he would completely panic, it was evident that he had been beaten quite badly when something...
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    For those who have given up horses...would you go back?

    I loved having horses and had boundless enthusiasm for even the most mundane jobs; tack cleaning was something I enjoyed and took pride in, a well turned out mount was important and poo picking was my daily meditation. I loved a rhythmic canter through the fields and the clip clop of hooves on...
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    :-( Thor the rescue horse

    I wonder if the link has been removed in case of potential prosecutions being affected. Hopefully any remaining horses will be well looked after; I wish that all 'rescues' had to face regular inspections; far too many supposedly rescue horses end up in a worse predicament when they deserve...
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    Falling out of love with horses

    I think reducing numbers and then see how you feel is the way forwards. I had my mare pts a few years ago and although I miss her, I feel liberated like I never have for years. I've more money in my pocket, I'm not constantly watching every season for too much or too little rain, whether...
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    Fell pony owners out there

    I think Nativelover has summed up the handling with *respectfully* My mare was by Heltondale Black Prince III and had a wonderful temperament, she would really look after her rider and take you anywhere. But if you ever tried to boss her then all hell would break loose! I bought mine as a...
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    Guide pony!

    I think it's a terrible idea, that pony was still a foal and should be learning manners and proper playing with its equine companions, not being dragged round a supermarket. As YCBM has said, it is expected to go against all of its natural instincts and how many times on here do people say...
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    Public Liability

    World horse welfare champion plus cover will provide cover when your horse is riiden by other people or employees, it's £52 per year.
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    Heartbreaking news

    I think sahara is friends with cobsarefab going by her profile, so I suspect it was a genuine mistake. I'm delighted to hear that Rupert has been doing well though, such a cute pony!
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    The most horrific morning. Heartbroken

    I'm sorry, the same thing happened to my mare and it still haunts me. However, I've also witnessed a shooting go wrong, which was far worse. You did your best for your horse and I'm sure she wouldn't have been that aware. I hope you can remember the happier times that you shared with her...
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    Had a really poor dentist - could this be the reason for everyth

    If you can get hold of one then I'd really recommend trying a leather bit, I've seen difficult to bit horses transformed by one and they tend to keep the mouth moist whereas plastic or rubber can be drying which can cause issues.
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    Had a really poor dentist - could this be the reason for everyth

    I really feel for you Wagtail, it can be soul destroying when you know somthings just not right. The good thing is that you do have options, and like others Id be getting a full vet work up done, the stiffness and standing camped out could indicate something like pssm. It would be worth it to...
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    Partner not happy about horse costs

    I had to give up horses for a few years when I first got married. Once we were stable financially I got back into them. Relationships are about compromise and I also think your boyfriend has a valid point, if the roles were reversed and he was spending lots of money on an expensive car hobby...