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    Need a good parelli trainer covers north beds

    Susan Coade probably covers your area. Good luck :)
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    Horse Insurance dragging their feet! HELP PLEASE

    Hi. My heart is breaking for you because if I had had to deal with this when I lost my girl I don't know what I would have done. My boyfriend is a claims adjuster and says you need to make a written complaint (keep a copy) then leave it 4-6 weeks. They are hopeless and the only thing they will...
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    Selling a problem horse (definitely not an advert)

    Well you're moving soon so that will be the end of the 60mph road and 2 hr winter turnout if you pick well. You are clearly never going to sell him because it will make you sad but a university student who left their horse at home might be a great sharer. It will all be fine and lots of lovely...
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    Can anyone name this racehorse?

    That's him. Thank you.
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    Can anyone name this racehorse?

    I'm out with my family at the minute and we are trying to think of the name of a particular racehorse. He was famously huge and had lung problems (roarer? tie back?) he would have been successful in the 90s I think. Thanks in advance :)
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    Petplan beyond useless!

    I was with them for fifteen years until last month and found them excellent. I had a number of claims over the years (lost count!), more than one up to the £5k limit and usually at least one on the go at any one time, especially in her later years. They always paid up and normally paid the vet...
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    Taking on an older horse

    Is it a gift or a loan? Who is going to pay for the prascend? Prascend is really expensive (about £1/tablet) and the horse will require regular blood tests to ensure the medication is working. It is extremely unlikely this will be covered by insurance. Cushings is incurable but treatable and...
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    Advice needed :-( warning this is long....

    The thing is there are lots of options, which makes it harder and more rubbish. Ten minutes before I made the decision I was debating cartofen injections with the vet and wondering if she would be better when the mud cleared up. In the end though, I knew I would only be doing those things so I...
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    Advice needed :-( warning this is long....

    Hi I just went through this with my beautiful mare. Is she sound when turned out? I think the bottom line is that if she's lame, she's in pain, and that's what helped me to make the decision. Keeping mine in work helped her to be less stiff but once she was too lame to exercise I knew we were...
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    Had vet today and could do with some advice

    I lost mine to arthritis a few weeks ago after four years ago. She had spavins. She was treated medically with tildren, adequan and steroid injections and my vet wasn't concerned about the order as we had repeats of the steroids and tildren just before the insurance ran out. She had adequan...
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    Pony with cushings?

    I kept the shoes off mine so I would see earlier if she had eaten too much sugar. I soaked all her hay. I was extremely careful with her diet - just because something is laminitis trust approved doesn't mean it's safe to feed. Always check the ingredients. It's a good idea to do the royal dick...
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    I lost my best friend - now what?

    Thank you all for your kind words. When I get on the PC I will post some photos. I like the idea of fundraising - I have joined a running club so perhaps I can put the two together. I will also do some volunteering with stray cats.
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    I lost my best friend - now what?

    As for the advice, when you lose your horse and don't have another, what do you do to fill the hole in the practical sense? I don't want another (not yet anyway). So I have lots of evenings and weekends. I don't want to be around friends horses. I need suggestions please! Secondly, what of...
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    I lost my best friend - now what?

    Two weeks ago today I had my beautiful mare put to sleep. She was twenty four and suffering from cushings and arthritis. The vet suggested retiring her when she got very lame very quickly, but I realised that much as I would have loved to put her in a beautiful field, she was still cushings and...
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    Barefoot for a year but still footy?

    I am trying to pm you but can't on my phone. If you pm me I will try to reply.