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    Does your cob ..

    Yep - we are doing prelim (some intro for team quest) and hoping to do our first affiliated by the end of this season. I've not worked out how to put pics on the new forum from my phone! But will try.
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    Tack for local showing?

    Good lord! I don't understand why the judge allows it. I would ask them to leave - remove and then come back in. ETA - I'm not a judge! Just if I was one.
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    Walk Trot Tests - Advice Please

    I've really enjoyed doing the intros and getting my boy and myself out and in the arenas. We've stepped up to prelim recently and have seen virtually no difference in scores. I do think the scoring on the intros are quite hard so don't be despondent look for the comments more. Go and enjoy.
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    Preparing for a new horse...

    So exciting - choosing colours for matchy matchy ;)
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    Tack for local showing?

    You should go. A cavesson bridle is fine - it doesn't have to be a double - although you should be able to pick up a nice second hand pelham on eBay fairly cheaply and that is just as correct for showing. As regards saddles I see a lot of people competing in wintecs or similar - so long as...
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    First time plaiting - Welsh Cob mane - panic!

    You could do little plaits and tuck them under each other. I'll try and find a picture. This saves the 'golf ball' effect.
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    *** To HOG on not to HOG! That is the question!***

    I'd hog him - he would carry it off nicely. Do it sooner rather than later that way you are used to it!
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    Tack for local showing?

    That was exactly my point. I have always been conscious of trying to ensure I was turned out correctly even if I can't afford to have the "in vogue" tack. I have always turned out my ponies and myself to the best of my ability. Flashes, saddle cloths and martingales have never been allowed...
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    Couple of questions about weight and colour

    Hope he doesn't lose his stripe - too cute! Second picture shows he's not overweight at all.
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    Tack for local showing?

    Hi all, I haven't posted for a while but feel compelled to this evening. I have been out watching my friends showing locally today and was slightly bemused by some of the tack I saw being used in the hunter and novice class I watched. Flash nose bands on several horses ( I have always...
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    Novelty Clips.. love or hate them? Pictures welcome :)

    A freehand offering I did on my friends coblet. Loved it and she got lots of complements :)
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    Are lorries selling? And will mine...?

    Unladen weight is on your plating read out.
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    Are lorries selling? And will mine...?

    I'd have snapped their hand off for that price part ex! I have recently bought an 1996 for a fraction of that price. We have done some tarting up but she's beautiful now!
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    Idiots guide to round bales of hay

    All off completely and pull round.
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    Going from a snaffle to a Pelham - what are my options?

    Me too. My traddie loves his Mullen mouth pelham.