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    Everything but the horse (pretty much)

    Sooo, I’ve been away from here (grieving) for an age’s time I let go. I have two Kent and Masters leather saddles one dressage and one jumping (adjustable gullets) bridles, Martingales, rugs oh you name it. Pretty much all but a horse. Grooming kits the lot. If anyone wants...
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    Anyone fancy the Jockey's job?

    Absolutely not a chance, my god that was heart in mouth watching.
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    How to stop my dogs being overbearing towarsfs visitors?

    Alec, swamping is exactly what they have had and yes, it seems to be reaping rewards. For anyone worried, I would NEVER put anyone at risk. Just this morning we had a workman in. The dogs were removed into another room and simply didn't meet him. No point in it. However, with dog...
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    How to stop my dogs being overbearing towarsfs visitors?

    Thanks guys, in fairness to them, they have improved dramatically since being in the UK. Training and also meeting people who are dog friendly has helped enormously. Whenever we have visitors the dogs are kept away until they are calm. Once they have met the visitor they are fine. It is just...
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    How to stop my dogs being overbearing towarsfs visitors?

    Brief introduced to my dogs. I have three, all came home with me from India. We lived there for 5 years and despite not wanting to take on any dogs, managed to come home with three. In brief, they are fear aggressive but have managed to get them to being able to walk off lead nd be very well...
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    Where you began riding? Me, Whiteleaf...

    I love it that this thread has been resurrected, so many of us have ridden at the same place and recal so many equine stars :)
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    People who work all day but have a dog?

    Oh god, me too. Long time on here but more lurker than poster. I'd be happy to leave all day with a lunch time pee break and cuddles. Just not longer than that without a toilet break is all. Couldn't bear to think of them busting for the loo all day. Had a terrible time with a so called...
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    People who work all day but have a dog?

    Didn't realise... Nevertheless, relevant today every bit as much as back then don't you think?
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    People who work all day but have a dog?

    I won't leave my dogs for more than 4 hours. Any longer and I get a walker or sitter in. I've completed the survey also. Despite having three dogs and not leaving them for long, one of mine is a house destroyer. i absolutely could not contemplate leaving them alone all day.
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    All these dogs being stolen...

    This is totally Facebook driven... I am seeing posts every day of stolen or missing dogs, in fact the latest was of multiple dogs stolen from an address. I've been out of the UK for the last four and a half years and am utterly gob smacked at the level of dog thefts/losses etc what the...
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    Any riding in Leigh on Sea?

    Hi FC, thanks for replying. That's good to know, my house will back onto Belfairs wood so hopefully I'll be in a good location. Great, looking forward to getting my horse fix back up and running. Its been too long
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    Any riding in Leigh on Sea?

    So we are back in the UK following a four year stint living in India. Looks likely that we are moving to Leigh on Sea in Essex. Are there any yards in the area? I'd like to get back in the saddle at some point, maybe even buy another horse (bit wary following the loss of my dear Casper)...
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    Penile Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    Oh god no!!! So very sorry. I literally just read your thread... My absolute heartfelt sympathies.
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    People riding your horses without permission - URGENT!

    I am fuming on your behalf OP, as I was reading I thought, OK so someone can basically ride someone else's horse and there is nothing the law would do about it. So, what would happen if the horse threw the scrote and did some permanent damage? I bet said scrote would damn well sue! What a...
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    If Pegasus were real?

    My Pegasus poo'd on my YO's head from 1000 feet. She wasn't wearing a hat and is claiming damages. Will my insurance cover me? Is it wrong that I laughed?