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    one filled leg again!!

    Hello there, My horse sometimes gets puffy legs aswell like yours no lameness or pain. What I bought was some arnica tablets and some gel stuff Oh I can't think what it's called, But it's blue and I paid about £7.50. My lads legs are fine now. Good Luck x
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    Do you tidy up after yourself and your horses?

    Hi there ! Well I am on a very small yard, There is only 4 of us and the yard owner makes 5, 13 horses altogether. Everyone sweeps/tidies up after themselves but I am known for my magic broom. Also if anyone has lost stuff they always come to me and say Wallis where is..... and I know...
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    Christmas Prezzies ???

    Hahahaha Right I will as what the budget is ? x
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    Christmas Prezzies ???

    Hi Everyone ! What have you all asked for for Christmas ? My main prez was delivered yesterday, I have getting a pair of Durbarry boots but Mam and Dad won't let me have them till Christmas I have asked my bro for a pair of Jods, I want a good pair to compete in has any one got any...
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    Going Cubbing 2moro 1st Time.

    Hi, We went with the Hayden. Had a fab day the ground was bad if we weren't jumping ditches and swaps it was massive rocks. But now my lad has swollen hind legs and are very sore : ( So not sure if hunting is for him if this is what he is gonna be like ? x ;)
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    Going Cubbing 2moro 1st Time.

    Oh thanks for all your advice, I am really looking forward to it and just want to look right would hate to stand out. It's my neds first time aswell so I have got some green ribbon for his tail. You know I might just platt up, will do it tonight so I'm organised. Thank You x
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    Going Cubbing 2moro 1st Time.

    Hi there, My friend and I are going cubbing tomorrow, I have never done this before but my pal has. My question is do you platt, My pal say's you don't but would hate not to be the odd ones out ? haha Thank You x ;)
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    Tack pack

    Hey I bought one from my pal for £150. x
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    Going on Holiday.

    hahahaha We are going to Sidari in Corfu, Just for a week.
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    Going on Holiday.

    Hello I have just booked a holiday with my pals to go away next June ( I knows it 10 month away hahaha ) It is my first hol away since I have been @ the livery yard, I had my own place b4 this and my sis was into horses so it hasn't been a prob going away as she would take care of them. I...
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    Hello there ! I used to feed my horses this brand of haylage until I started fing lumps of wood and stones in it. I did buy one bale and it was mouldy, there wasn't a hole in the bag neither. I returned it back to Farmways where I bought it from and the guy who works there said that other...
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    Likits anyone else eat them?

    mmmmm the caramel ones they are lush !!!
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    Can I Have The Big One Please!

    I remember an article in the paper about the little one, It has some kind of horsey dwarfism and has a problem with its bones. Argh bless it. x
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    Whiskers oppinions?

    I am like Edward scissors hands once I start snipping away. I take off my horses whiskers, the hairs above his eyes and the hairs under his eyes ( not eye lashes ) I just think they look smarter. They are there for a reason but my two lads don't seem bothered. x
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    jods/breeches what does it mean

    I think it means the suede patches on the knees go all the way up thighs and bum.