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    Was it fair for a truck to push me out the way whilst walking next to a horse?

    agree with the replies above report him asap
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    yay big pat for the new neddy!

    he's lovely
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    wierdest horse names youve come acroos!:)

    I've known a few with weird names they were welsh cobs and usually given the weird names by they're owner Thornyside Flyers Fashion - Ethel Caeifor Brenin Cyfrws (jealous King) - Sydney, Rawcliffe Yorkshire Rose - Yorky she has tamed a bit with the stable names she now gives her horses thank...
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    White Thoroughbred Colt with Chestnut Ears born at stud in South Africa

    he's lovely..... really unusual never heared of medicine hat horses he will be a prized possession for anyone who owns him
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    Apologies to whoever has been upset???

    can you please PM me the facebook link for the charity? only just seen this and it's shocking how low some people can stoop
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    Dyspraxic Riders?

    I've never been diagnosed but always had a problem with my left and right. my concerntration has always been a issue....... my folks always said i had the best intentions but never completed a job i started......
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    Naked showjumping

    I have the link to the site it is sold on 8th down :D:D
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    Hunting with a difference!

    omg i feel physically sick
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    Obese Horse, Absolutly sickening!

    defo needs more weight :p
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    Help! Nasty horse in pasture

    couldn't have said it better myself dunks
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    loanee refusing to pay to return my horse

    I so agree with all the posters OP you don't seem concerned about your horse in any way shape of form all you seem concerned about is bickering and nit picking your horse maybe better off with someone else to be honest
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    Irresponsible Breeding... Should I Tell Her or Keep My Mouth?

    i love french fancies seen as though we're talking cakes :p:p:p:D:D:D:p:p:p
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    Irresponsible Breeding... Should I Tell Her or Keep My Mouth?

    I had a teacher in primary school who threw a black board rubber at a boys head because he wouldn't shut up then grabbed him by the ear and threw him out of the class room
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    Irresponsible Breeding... Should I Tell Her or Keep My Mouth?

    anyone for kettle crisps or real macoys or pickled onion monster munch :D:D:D:D:D
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    poor, poor horse...

    all i get is my facebook homepage when i click on the link can someone please invite me to the page or report the link searching for it doesn't work either thanks oh and Well Done Showaddy really admire what you have done to help Teddy