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    Show prep thicko questions!

    I’ll try find a proper in hand one but I find a decent flat noseband really sets the face off- even on quite a pretty head!
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    Show prep thicko questions!

    As above but clear hoof oil only on fells, they’re not supposed to have the ‘blue’ horn coloured so not the black stuff. Ours tend to show either in a white rope halter or a full double (or Pelham) ridden bridle. Depend how seriously you’re going for but you can straighten out any kinks in the...
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    Shogun towing

    I tend to use it on my LWB Shogun but tbh it doesn’t drive any different when I forget 🙈
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    Gp Prolite girth sleeve?

    No probs- because it’s on the girth really tight it doesn’t swivel round at all :)
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    Am I missing something - tow car question

    LWB shogun- my seats fold completely down into the footwell near enough so if you wanted you’ve got all the space from right behind the drivers seats!
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    Gp Prolite girth sleeve?

    I just wedged a normal le mieux one on, I did this as a temporary and was going to buy the proper one but haven’t bothered as this works fine! 80cm le mieux gp cover on a 48inch prolite narrow gauge girth
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    Gallopy Problems - Help!

    I’ve got another who’d like to do this! With him he’s generally fine if everyone sets off steady, ie a couple of strides of trot and then canter or if I can get him cantering a couple of seconds before the horse in front does. He’s fine on fun rides as long as you keep moving at a fairly sharp...
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    Field shelters and bedding...

    We normally do as above but the last shelter we put up is destined to be moved in spring so we went just for mats and then bedding on top. I found the first couple of weeks it was a bit of a bog but one you get enough bedding down (we use a mix of pellets and shavings- put the pellets in...
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    Can anyone help before it’s too late..

    As a fairly cheap option could you do a thermal scan to see if it picks up any spots that would then be worth further investigation?
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    Cattle trailer for horses

    I’ve travelled ponies in one no probs but that was with mats down and they had plenty of head room (as much as our 16.1hh does in our 511!) but I wouldn’t in this case.
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    Girth sleeve that will fit 48” narrow gauge Prolite girth?

    Sorry forgot to take one of it actually on him but got one of the girth. It’s a 48” narrow gauge and an 80cm sleeve.
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    Girth sleeve that will fit 48” narrow gauge Prolite girth?

    It was just one I had around but it’s quite short I think the gp 80cm one. I just needed to protect the elbow area and it works fine for this. I can check later if that’d help?
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    Girth sleeve that will fit 48” narrow gauge Prolite girth?

    I just wedged a regular le mieux sleeve on mine as a temporary measure until I bought the proper one but it’s stayed as I quite like it because it doesn’t slip around when you’re tacking up/ undoing it etc
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    Prolite girth’s

    I found it’s massively helped with saddle security and stopped it riding up his shoulders but does rub my (admittedly very sensitive!) horse without a sheepskin cover. Absolutely fine with it though
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    Yellow tail - help please!

    Are you using cold water? I find you need hot to really get them clean :)