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    Slight update

    So so sorry to hear about Snoops. Keeping everything crossed for you.
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    Luhmuhlen 4*

    Quick reply But if we look at the key Aussie 3day results this year, they aren't that great are they - Sam Griffiths won Saumur, but that's about it really. (Prepares to be shot down for missing several key riders/results!!! - sorry in advance of this!!). Matt Ryan was the best of them at...
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    Luhmuhlen 4*

    Does seem a bit bonkers really! Before all this came up, I'd have said that Lucinda, Clayton, Andrew Hoy and Matt Ryan would be certs for the team and the final slot would go to someone else - Sam Griffiths has had good form winning Saumur, but not that sure about any other Aussie riders off...
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    Luhmuhlen 4*

    I noticed that too! Can't believe they have to run her - if any horse and rider have done enough and deserve to go to the Olympics, its that pair!
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    Following on from this, looks like Lucinda F has Brit running at Lumuhlen CCI****. Have to say that if any horse/rider has proved themselves its got to be this pair!!! And surely they must still be qualified following last year's Badminton win??? Was v suprised to see that they are competing -...
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    When you BE at so & so level......What do you BSJA???

    When I used to event and BSJA, I would start off with BN and Discovery for Pre-Novice, but would find myself doing Newcomers by the end of the winter if it wasn't huge! For Novice BE, definitely wanted to be jumping a decent discovery and newcomers confidently. Did do the odd Foxhunter but...
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    what you need to be a professional.....

    This has made me laugh so much!! Please can you do the eventing one on again - think I missed that one! Cheers
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    An update......

    Fab news - v glad its all worked out for you. Looking forward to hearing the latest adventures with Snoops and also how Winston and his new mystery rider get on.
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    WFPs horse PTS at boekelo.....

    Thank you for this very honest post. Gives us a true and accurate picture of what happened in this tragic accident. My thoughts are with all the horse's connections and RIP Monarch's Aristocrat.
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    Boekelo 3*

    Looks a very decent line-up with some cracking horses in it. Personal fave is Miners Frolic (my old horse was his half brother - not quite as good though !!) Anyone know why JP Sheffield has the ride on Cashel Bay? Mary King normally rides him and usually does a fab job on him. Is this a...
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    RIP Lugs

    So very very sorry to hear about Lugs. She was a beautiful girl. Big hugs coming to you and your sis. Take care.
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    Wicked day

    Hi BB's That's a fab result for his first pre-novice. He obviously prefers them a bit bigger!!! Congratulations.
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    Good luck ElleJS!!!

    Good luck and enjoy it. We all have fingers and toes crossed for you.
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    Quicky update...

    Hi Sounds like Snoops was a star and prefers the less is more approach to his tack! Sounds a tough course for BN though - although good for Snoop's education. So pleased to hear all went well and fingers crossed for next week's PN. Take care. T
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    Dermot Was PTS this afternoon.

    So sorry to hear this - not been on for a few days. Huge hugs. RIP Dermot. Remember the good times with him. You did everything you could for him, and gave him lots of love and fun during his time with you. Thinking of you.