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    Burn / sore on lip

    Giant hogweed can do that, make sure you deal with it if you do have some as each plant releases thousands of seeds and it can quickly get out of control. It's taken several years to remove all ours
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    Are we a dying breed

    For me it's the timing thing. I used to show alot but nowadays class sizes are really hard to predict. If the classes only have a couple of horses in need to get there early just incase but may end up waiting around for hours if the classes are massive and it really does vary. Having sat around...
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    WHW and BHS

    It was the non sense purchase of the horsebox and what comes across as shambles at the top that did it for me I'm afraid. I've been a member for many many years but with the way it's being run I don't see how the bridleway officers and other volunteers out there can do the fantastic job they do...
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    Swapping Compact Tractor for Quad (mainly mowing) - good idea??

    We have just changed back to compact tractor from quad after having various quads for a few years. We may have been unlucky but our quads weren't reliable and didn't seem To like the slow work we wanted them to do (ménage, towing muck trailer, spraying, seeding). We do however have full size...
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    I just use theraband with a roller and numnah I've cut some holes in. I use it on the lunge with just that and a Cavesson and I can see a difference in their use of their core/lift in back/wither. Mines just a home made version
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    Please help - getting really p'd off!

    The 'residue' may well be where they are heating the drugs on the foil. Definately needs to be reported to police especially as they are causing criminal damage to the gate
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    Please help - getting really p'd off!

    Having looked more closely at your photo it definitely looks like it could be drug paraphernalia to me. Make sure you wear gloves or use a scoop to pick it up. Worth seeing if there are scorch marks on the foil
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    Please help - getting really p'd off!

    I guessed that may have been the case. It may well have been a 'hang out' from before u had it and it was overgrown and more less visible and it's just continued on as a known area to go. I would definitely speak to police, get a wildlife camera and make it as inaccessible as possible. The...
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    Please help - getting really p'd off!

    How long have you been at this field horseytee ?? It definitely sounds although the rubbish being left could be drug related
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    What is up with my foot?!

    Hard to tell from that photo but to me it looks like it's coming from higher up and you are collapsing through your left rib cage, this in turn may make you collapse your left seat bone in and put more weight through your left stirrup which in turn may make your heel drop further and swing the...
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    My horse ate a sandwich bag

    I once found a whole Tesco's carrier bag in my horses poo that had obviously blow into the field and he had goodness knows how, eaten. It came out in a long wrapped up sausage shape in-between poo nuggets all intact. I couldn't believe it ! Whilst I would call vet for advice and monitor...
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    Abscess on gum

    Poor girl, doesn't look nice, I'm sure your vet will be able to give you a suitable antibiotic when they come out. I've seen some horrid things in mouths over the years where they have eaten sharp things and all have healed well. Fingers crossed its straight forwards for you
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    Failed kissing spine ligament snip - any experience? Next steps?

    Yes mine had lig snip and made no difference at all, if anything made him worse. It's not a surgery I would ever have done on a horse again, there is very little out there about long term cases and the long term prognosis. Mine was written off by vets after and even showing some neuro type signs...
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    Shivering weight off

    This time of year I'm more likely to put a light rug at a higher temperature in certain conditions. In the winter my unclipped ones will be out most of the time without rugs as their winter coat does it's job, however at this time of year when they have their summer coats through but we can...