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    Whats people's thoughts of the Monty Roberts methods then

    when i first approached the ih method i admit i was amazed at what they could do with the horse and wanted to find out more so i went to the demos, sadly i was disappointed by what i saw i was also very uncomfortable and it was actually going to the demos that made me look for something else...
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    Views on this pony sanctuary pony...

    my section d used to get allergies and roundabout april time he would get wheezy we used to give him some ventipulmin from the vets and by the time he finished the tub he was fine for the rest of the year, and this only happened when they were rape in the fields next door
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    Water deprivation as a training tool

    this will blow over pp will probably release a statement with some rubbish and all his followers will then ooh and ahh and say what a wonderful man he is, pretty much the same as monty and twh he releases a statement spouting his reasons and all his followers forgive him, the only people i have...
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    dodgy ebayer? do paypal withhold funds?!?!

    hi it is a new policy with paypal/e-bay introduced earlier this year on high priced sale items if you have not alot of transactions or have a new paypal account paypal will hold the money until the seller leaves positive feedback or the 21 days has lapsed my advise would not to leave the...
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    same name
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    saw this....

    erm my daughter probably would lol
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    Co-eee! NEW MEMBERS - tell us about yourself

    i don,t think i have ever introduced myself lol i have six horses cb/tb, cob normand,newforest,welsh mountain and new to us two new forest foals i am basically happy hacking but due to a jumping mad daughter i am slave to her and her ponies and cringe when she makes me jump lol i used to run...
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    can i just say that this thread has made a difference to one horse, malaga it will now get the help it needs and probably skyward knows that she has help if she needs it and maybe venus is doing the one thing she should of done before getting caught up emotionally actually sat back and really...
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    Lockable saddle racks

    we do them pm me as i don,t know wether i can put a link up here
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    What the wierdest thing youv'e passed hacking?

    i felt sorry for him really it turned out he had lost his wife 6 months previous and had never been the same sort of died of a broken heart
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    What the wierdest thing youv'e passed hacking?

    dead body we were out hacking and saw a man lying in a field it later turned out he was an old man who had gone out for a wander and had a heart attack he had been missing for three days
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    french horses

    i also brought a french horse over in the first shipment, i think what you have to understand alot of these are not knackered old horses some are in their prime just surplus to requirements alot of these horses are now ridden and have homes for life mine was 10 yrs old and i have since found out...
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    Eventa Reins?

    yep i have the sabre eventa reins and love them i don,t like rubber reins but these are so soft and pliable
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    Cub Saddle - Girthing query

    you can either go for a dressage girth or a normal tiny girth for these saddles
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    Oster v Bentley brushes

    oster everytime bentley feel cheap compared to them