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    Thanks :)
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    Recommendations for nice nylon collars with a buckle not a plastic clip please.
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    Garlic as a fly repellent

    I have never believed in feeding garlic as a fly repellent, but there are three horses at the private yard my lads on, the two belonging to the owners, both feed garlic and my lad, not fed garlic. The other two are bays, mine is a flea bitten grey, the other two are fairly fly free, my lad is...
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    Scaremongering or will hay prices be through the roof in winter?

    We have paid the same as last year for hay off the field, but the price of straw has shot up, paid the same for the straw as the hay this year. We do get barley straw, as we have goats and lambs which are bedded on it and love to eat it.
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    Panting dog on steroids

    Our old girl who's back legs are very bad has got worse, appears to have hurt a front leg or neck. She is on Tramadol and the vet has now put her on steroids, she is on 50 mgs a day for five days then we have to let the vet know how she is doing. I have seen that long term use symptoms include...
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    Thanking drivers

    For the last few months my horse is kept in the village I live in, I only have a 10 minute walk to get to off road riding, be it up a steep hill, most people that pass live in the village so know me and pass slowly, but I always make a point of thanking them, and as the road is narrow try to get...
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    Horse flies. Do any repellents actually work.

    I'm sure Power Phazer was better a few years ago, it doesn't smell as strong as it used to, and it did seem to keep horseflies away, now I still use it, but it is definitely not anywhere as good.
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    The award for the longest serving horse carer goes to?!

    Another 44 years of continuous ownership, one and sometimes two, including a couple of loan ponies when my son was small.
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    New horseware front closure disc

    A friend had one, only used it for a month, it was fine, but Velcro was covered in hair when the mare was moulting, personally didn't like it.
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    Good, bad and ugly of having a livery client at home yard?

    It looks like the answer to this is you can be lucky and get a great livery, or unlucky and get a nightmare. The same as on any livery yard, I think in your case I would be very very careful who you take on if you decide to give it a go, try and do background checks to what they have been like...
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    Avon So Soft - does it work?

    I found it worked on midges, but be careful using on delicate areas, my gelding pealed a bit on his sheath.
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    Good, bad and ugly of having a livery client at home yard?

    I am that livery client, maybe slightly different, there are no yards close to home in a small village, my horse was 10 miles away, we had briefly spoken to these neighbors a while ago, then due to the bad winter we have had, snow in December I couldn't get to my horse we asked if they would...
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    Rugged horses in the heat

    I have a Connie, part clipped, he is a devil to keep weight on in the winter, so I have different weight rugs depending on the temperature. He does feel the cold, but will also start to rub on trees if he gets too hot under a rug. He was naked for the first time this year today. If it's very wet...
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    rant at myself

    Same as Sussexbythesea the large DIY yard I was on, we had to leave their morning feed outside the stable door ready to be given by whoever got to the yard first, over 40 boxes so people feeding in don't want to muck about. A clip on top bolt, plus kick bolt is probably what's needed.
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    Wheat or barley straw?

    Mines on Barley, as it's what we can get hold of, straw is in short supply and not very cheap now as a lot is going to be used in bio burners, around me anyway.