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    Who should buy jumps ? Owner or livery yard?

    We have bought/made a full set of jumps, do the liveries offer to replace them if they break them...Not very often! If they don't help move them round etc. we don't let them use them.
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    Flint's Yard Itch? Product for Sweet Itch

    Im just trying Neem oil on my mare, she only has very mild Sweet Itch, she would probably manage with a rug but every rug I try rubs her shoulders, Gosh the Neem oil smells though...
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    Shwmae Products Ltd

    I do get up very early but with working in the kennels, 4 horses to look after and exercise plus looking after 40 livery customers I thought it would be easier to get him ready the night before! I don't see much difference than covering your horse in hoods, rugs, stable bandages whatever...
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    Shwmae Products Ltd

    wouldn't say im a fool wanting to keep my pony clean on the night before hunting, some people put hoods/bandages all sorts on to keep them clean, I thought this would be better than bandages etc... I would never make my pony uncomfortable! that is the reason it was sent back first time as it...
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    Shwmae Products Ltd

    Corner Mad house I could do with a chat with you as its all very similar what has happened to me please pm me. I have also been blocked of Facebook site. I think they have been responding to you thinking you are me, the more I read this post the more weird it is. I wonder if it was my details...
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    Shwmae Products Ltd

    OMG I think its me who she is saying has started this thread I found it googling evidence for trading standards, yes they have had my money too! since 3rd August, I must admit I feel silly for ordering one now but I bought one to keep my pony clean on hunting nights, I work in the mornings so...
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    Who hunts native ponies?

    My pony hunts better than my horses!
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    Weight for adult riding a sec A

    I am 5'3" and 8.5 stone, I ride my pocket Rocket 12.2 'Arthur' out hunting and we both love it more recent pic (I am prob a little on the slimmer side) I also let a taller teenager hunt him I think there is anything wrong with adults on ponies as long as they are not too heavy or...
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    adults hunting ponies....

    yep- I have 16hh horses but they are not a patch on my 12.2 pocket rocket Arthur!
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    Which boots for your horse when hunting?

    Hi everyone, I have been searching the web for some decent boots for my TB for hunting, I thought I would ask on here what boots you use for your horses? I have been looking at eventing boots? thank you
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    DIY YO's: do you charge for lorry/trailers parked at the yard?

    we charge £160 per 6 months
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    Tobago foal is British National Champion! (self-indulgent - sorry)

    OMG thats fantastic, cant wait for pics!
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    pics of my youngster- Milly

    thanks! not 100% sure what my plans are for her, I will see what she enjoys doing! An all rounder would be nice. I just love her temperment, she i so sweet
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    pics of my youngster- Milly

    Just thought I would share a few pics of milly Milly is full TB by Andes she has just turned two I cant believe how quick the two years have gone! I am pleased with how she she is looking especially a she has just wintered out! as a foal- as a yearling-
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    My Poor Baby... **PICTURES**

    [ QUOTE ] I don't understand why you didn't get the vet today.... I hope he hasn't fractured his shoulder [/ QUOTE ] My thoughts exactly, hope he recovers soon x