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    A Feast of Stallions at Addington!

    Albaran is standing at Kylemore stud in Ireland and i believe they can ship to uk :)
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    Questionnaire on travelling!

    1. 10 2. lots 3. trailer 4. yes 5. usually alone 6. forward 7. 8. Inside your lorry/trailer is it; a. Dark? no b. Vented? yes c. Partitioned? sometimes d. Do you tie up hay inside? only for long journeys e. Is your horse loose inside or tied?tied 9. Does your...
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    Horse Shopping!

    this is a great Irish website with all types of horse on it http:// :)
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    Best place to find an RID/ID x youngster

    this is a great website :D
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    Merry Christmas! Best presents?

    ariat boots and an SSL jacket :D :D
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    be90 test 91 (2009)

    i think thats correct :)
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    What is the weirdest thing that your horse will eat?

    my horsey thinks ice pops are the best thing ever :)
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    Can you get waterproof jodhs?

    as far as i know tri equestrian sell them but im not sure are they on their website :)but you could check :D
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    photo comp ?

    any takers ? ill organise it and stuff :) no prize except glory :) please i dont want to make a thraed with classes unless i know people will enter ?:)
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    photo comp ?

    anyone ? if your interested just post im in or somthing :) itl be fun :)
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    photo comp ?

    just wondering can we have another photo competition ?i really enjoyed the picks of the last one :)
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    starting eventing in ireland ??

    my friends daughter wants to start eventing ,she is twelve years old and is currently doing pony club and local shows :) does any one know where you can find out about upcoming shows ? any info would be good :)
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    harry dabbs dragonfly reins ?

    i was thinking of getting one of these for my horse who doesnt carry herself very well :/ i was just wondering does anyone have them do they work ? :)
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    breaking first horse!any tips ?

    just to let ye know he is now lunging in a headcollar and walking in hand in a bridle :)
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    Stallion advice please

    as far a as i know watermill swatch is very fertile and breeding very well :)