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    Weekend Plans - 3rd weekend in July

    Doing cutting and baling as of Sunday, its going to be a hot one!
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    Water treadmill experiences?

    I regularly take my boy to a water treadmill. They have to have their feet picked out before they go in and also the tail is tied up so it doesnt splash once the water is in. The water goes up gradually as they get going. My boy loves it. The front of it also goes up as if they are going up...
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    What's your nervous riding song?

    Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly and All I want is a room somewhere.
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    Saddle help

    I think Louisa Cuomo does saddles for Spanish horses. She is a lovely lady and travels all over England. Give her a call and have a chat.
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    Livery Yards East Sussex

    Try Kent Equestrian Grapevine
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    Sweetitch products - best ones out there

    I use Weleda Sulfur 30C and give one twice a day in feed. You can get it on EBAY or Amazon.
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    Sweetitch products - best ones out there

    I have used Sulphur tablets for years, just one twice a day, very cheap about £9 for 100 tablets. Doesnt work for everyone but fortunately does for my connie and warmblood.
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    CUOMO saddles? Any experience?

    Good news, let me know how you get on. Louisa is in Dubai at the moment having a well earned rest, she just doesnt stop. Lovely lady.
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    A Day In The Life Of A Work Rider - Legs Like Jelly!

    Great post as usual. So glad you are back.
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    CUOMO saddles? Any experience?

    My GP basic saddle was £1650 and the visit was £90.
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    CUOMO saddles? Any experience?

    I have a Louisa Cuomo saddle. My connie was flat backed and quite big on the shoulders and wasnt really moving forward so I got Louisa out and tried one of her GP saddles and what a difference in the horse. He can now freely move his shoulders and go forward. The saddle is very comfortable...
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    Flexineb - is it worth investing?

    My horse was diagnosed with COPD one year ago and I invested in a Nebuliser, it was the best thing I ever done. Works almost immediately because the drugs get straight in. I havent had to use it much this year but knowing it is there is a godsend. If you had insurance for your horse when...
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    Weekend plans, 3rd weekend of February

    Was going to dressage competition tomorrow but its just been cancelled
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    Weekend Plans

    Dressage competition on Saturday, dressing up as a snowman and little elf, should be fun.