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    Good bye Pete

    So sorry for your loss
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    Stopping Diy...any yard owners out there?

    What is it about people thinking that renting stabling and grazing entities them to invite everyone they've ever met to come and traips through the place? The idea of throwing parties at the yard is taking that a step further!
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    Do horses actually view sheep as companions?

    We had one coloured mare who decided that the sheep were hers😊 We got a Ryland ewe and her two ewe lambs. The mare was always good with them and when we were left with just one of the "lambs"(about 10 years old by then) she lived with the mare, in her stable overnight etc. Following the demise...
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    Do people just not recognise lame horses?

    Try being a judge and telling someone that you think their horse is unsound! Or even putting the unsound horse down the line and then having a rather aggressive rider and their connections asking why it wasn't put first! The mare I'm thinking of was well over 20 years ago. So wide behind that a...
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    Show make up

    If your hair is thick and you don't like the idea of metal near your head when riding, then low plait, wind plait round itself hold on place with hair elastic, put net twice round bun, put second net over twist it and put rest over the test of your head.
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    Exercises to engage the hind end

    Try the five and five exercise, particularly if he's lazy, it can get a bit much for forward going horses. Start five sides walk, five strides trot, rinse and repeat for a circuit of the school, out do it when out hacking as well. You can also do it trot and canter.
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    Filmed on my own arena AIBU?

    The biggest problem with such things at that height above sea level is that the wind destroys such in no time!
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    Not our finest of bridge crossings..

    My always somewhat spooky but traffic proof Appy, became more reactive as her cushings progressed. We did wonder if she had some form of dementia
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    Getting a puppy......

    Our Jrts were the worst dogs we've ever had for house training! They were dire and had plenty of role models to follow, but didn't bother. They were also the most difficult to do just about anything with, despite being brought up just like every other dog we've ever had!
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    My horse suddenly is a nightmare to mount

    Please get her saddle fit checked. Sister had a wonderful heavy mare who stood by the block for mounting and dismounting, but wouldn't stand by the block if her saddle fit changed at all
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    17 Stone beginner rider

    Our old Clyde mare much preferred to have my ex OH ride her. He was a novice, 6'2" 15 stone ex rugby player. Sister was her other main rider and I occasionally rode her. I'm 5'6" and weighed about 9 stone. Sister and I made her work, the OH was much more inclined to let amble along at her own...
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    Saddle rejection. Help!

    Have a look at solutions, they do look very traditional so might well work for you.
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    Saddle rejection. Help!

    I too would try treeless. We got solutions saddles for two of ours. Sisters westphalian kat blood had a flat back and absolutely massive shoulders, she tolerated saddles, and we used about 4 different ones as she changed shape and got fitter! She was never really comfortable, we think because...
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    Bolting horses during a hack

    I always try and ensure that anyone I ride with understands that we don't do racing. If they can't hold back, then they go first, so they aren't pushing mine on, or if there's a few of us we try and ensure that the line is interspersed with horses who will act as brakes for others
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    Liveries who can't pay during virus.-

    I've yet to see any food shops telling people it is OK not to pay for their shopping, and pay when they can, can't understand why livery yards should be seen as different!