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  1. eekmon

    Giving rugs to charity ?

    A friend of mine has recently had her pony pts She has 2 really nice newish stable rugs & 2 turnouts all nice condition. If she has them washed & re proofed is there anywhere that would take them for charity? Either that or she will have wash ect sell & give the money to a good...
  2. eekmon

    Iggy lost his stablemate/ pair bond today

    Well today his 'wife' was pts I was there with her and she went very quickly and quietly. I posted on here a few days ago as to what to do with Iggy when she had gone. After reading your experiences I took him to see her shortly after. He walked up the yard and obviously spotted her in the...
  3. eekmon

    My horses stablemate/pair bond being pts on Fri, advice please..

    As title says really I have the unfotunate job of being there as I look after her & her owner is away. I have read on numerous occasions of people letting the remaining pair bond/stable mate see the body of the other horse as a way of accepting they are dead. My horse is old himself &amp...
  4. eekmon


    This has probably been done a thousand times before so apologies in advance if you're bored of the subject! I'm a big TopSpec fan and been on it for years.....but with everything going up in price ive been recommended Ultimate Balancer as a cheaper alternative. If anyone has recently...
  5. eekmon

    South Hants Peeps

    Anyone else in South Hants received a tx reading There have been 3 sightings of two suspicious men with eastern european accents photographing local horses. This could be a steal to order gang. These men have been seen at shows, events and even a horse owners field. They have a white van reg...
  6. eekmon

    Burying a horse

    My YO has kindly said I can bury my horse in his field when the time comes ( been there so bloody long I could of bought the place ) I know I need a license from local trading standards and I know why I need the license, my question is has anyone applied for one and how easy is it to get...
  7. eekmon


  8. eekmon

    Mountain Horse Field Groom Boots

    Anyone had any problems with these? I have had two pairs in one year I chose them for their thermal insoles as in winter my feet freeze ( I even get chillblanes, have bad circulation) These boots kept my feet warm and dry all last winter. They then split, I sent them back to Robinsons where I...
  9. eekmon

    The start of Lami??

    I have a 30 year old TB x Polish Arab not fat but his neck is a bit cresty and quite hard. Fed 16+ cubes, veteran chaff, TopSpec balancer and sugarbeet.On haylage but have got hay coming on sat, which will be soaked. Turned out 4 days a week on not too good grazing. Ridden 4-5 days a week 1-2...
  10. eekmon


    Following on from a cushings post, where is the best place to get Pergolide and can you get it on line if you have a prescription? And is it much cheaper is it than off the vet? Not for me but one of the horses I do has cushings and is on 3 tablets a day. Just wondering if its worth shopping...
  11. eekmon

    bitless bridles

    what is the equvilent of a Dr Cooks bitless bridle (the cheaper version) any advice please.
  12. eekmon

    Olympia Parking

    We are off to Olympia on Sunday and have tickets for the evening performance. Does anyone else know of any good parking ( not Olympia itself) Someone told me Homebase open up their car park? We don't want to train it will make it a very long night! We only live in Portsmouth so its not far to...
  13. eekmon

    Soya / Veg oil

    This has probably been done to death but, I am thinking of putting my old guy on oil as he has lost a bit of weight over the last few weeks. How much to feed a 14.2? And what is the difference between veg and soya oil? Thankyou
  14. eekmon

    Full Livery Question?

    How many people have the luxury ( for whatever reason) of having their horse/horses on full livery, seven days a week? If so how much do you pay and what do you get for your money?
  15. eekmon

    Mountain Horse field groom boots?

    Thinking of getting a pair. Any good? Plus cheapest place to buy ( online) Getting a job looking after 5 horses, so would they be suitable for everyday work plus riding? Thankyou
  16. eekmon

    Masta or Pennine ?

    Have got to clip my boy next week ( he was dripping today!) Need a new lightweight turnout rug. Don't want to spend a fortune But have found a Pennine high lighweight and a Masta lightweight turnout both for £33 each So which one do I get, any one have any of these rugs? Opinions please!
  17. eekmon

    Proud of my old fella!

    I sent some pictures of my old boy to the TopSpec people ( I love the stuff) I explained about how fit and well he is and that I have used their balancer for about 3 years now, they loved his picture (he is with my part loaner) so they asked for it to go in their new brochure and it arrived on...
  18. eekmon

    Soaked hay and Haybars

    I am thinking of buying/making a haybar! My horse has soaked hay and I have a wooden stable. I was wondering if I can put soaked hay in it or would it eventually go mouldy/slimey from having damp hay in. Summer would probably be ok as would dry out but what about the winter when my horse only...
  19. eekmon

    Anyone in South Hants!

    If anyone keeps horses in South Hants, there has been a spate of tack thefts,heard last night from a friend, that a friend of hers had all tack, rugs, ect stripped from her yard early in the week ( Denmead area I think) Then this morning told that a yard 2 mins from ours had the same done last...