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    Baby horse help

    I have a beautiful youngster Udo Van Padhuis/Rona Diva, she is two and compared to some two year olds she still looks underdeveloped. I am mindful of over feeding as i do not want excessive weight on young joints, she comes out hacking with my other horse in hand. She has a wonderful attitude...
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    What a top weekend xxx

    Oh my god my pony is such a star!!! Went over to summer house on saturday to do some dressage and to introduce her to an indoor school before the nationals, as she hasnt seen an indoor school before, let alone a judges box and oooh mirrors! lol She was a star, she warmed up like she was at...
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    Such a good pony, (follow on from gutted)

    Oh my god, im so happy. after cutting poor moss's mouth with that happy mouth! I didnt ride her all week and went to the regionals anyway with the thought, i will give it a shot if she goes she goes if not there is always next year. Luckily because i havent ridden her, her mouth has healed but...
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    borrowed a happy mouth 3 ring last week to jump my mare in, and where the ring meets the mouth piece it was really sharp and has cut her mouth to shreds! Completly my fault i didnt check it just put it in! im gutted and have cried lots. I havent rode her all week as didnt want to cause her...