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  1. _daisy_

    what is it with prospective buyers????

    Bit of a grumble. Im not a fan of selling horses but needs must at the moment. 1 of my mares is up for sale. Shes sensible but I wouldnt say she was a novice ride. Ive had 2 prospective buyers. Both agreed to buy her then text the following day/days when suposed to be arranging to collect but...
  2. _daisy_

    struggling :(

    really need some help. my horses have been part of my family for a long time. I had a baby last september, then unfortunately I had to have 2 of them put to sleep this year so now I am left with3. Although this on one hand has been very upsetting, it has helped me out as I have a 10 month old...
  3. _daisy_

    there are some lovely people in the world -more so I met one off here - dingle12

    I know people dont always see eye to eye on here but I just wanted to post on here as Ive met such a great friend through this forum. She doesnt live far from where I live and has been such a support to me and my mum over the summer with my horses. I found out I was pregnant early on in the...
  4. _daisy_

    do you think anyone would take me up on this?

    Im in a bit of a quandry and was wondering if anyone thought this might be of interest to someone who is horseless? 1 of my horses is up for sale. Ive had plenty of people enquire about her but only 1 person view so far. I really could do with her gone before winter, would be even better...
  5. _daisy_

    riding and pregnancy

    got a few questions for u my fellow hho'ers. How many of you carried on riding throughout your pregnancy? At what stage did you decide to stop riding? Were there any factors that made you stop or was it just through choice? The reason Im asking is t.at Im 5 months pregnant and Ive...
  6. _daisy_

    Apart from H&H - where to advertise a competition horse?

    Ive been away for some time now and whilst ive been away from here Ive made some big decisions - 1 being that I need to sell my big competition horse. Its going to be a sad sale but its due to personal circumstances. Shes advertised locally in feed, tack stores etc but ive not had much...
  7. _daisy_

    Clinic with Lee Pearson?

    hope im allowed to post this in here. would anybody be interested in attending a clinic with Lee Pearson? I have just arranged a date for him to come to South Yorkshire to do a clinic - 16th October - i have between 3 and 6 lessons available. The lessons will be tailored to suit...
  8. _daisy_

    Clinic with Lee Pearson?

    hope im allowed to post this in here. would anybody be interested in attending a clinic with Lee Pearson? I have just arranged a date for him to come to South Yorkshire to do a clinic - 16th October - i have between 3 and 6 lessons available. The lessons will be tailored to suit...
  9. _daisy_

    lesson with Lee Pearson???

    Has anyone had a lesson with Lee Pearson? whats he like? the reason I ask is that im thinking of having a few lessons with him and want to see what hes like before agreeing - just that I went to a dressage clinic yesterday and came away very disappointed. the instructor didnt ask what I...
  10. _daisy_

    is it wrong to be a quiet rider?

    just wondering really as weve had a few prospective buyers come to try a horse I am riding and they are commenting on how quiet a rider I am. is it a bad thing? im gettting paranoid as im not a huge fan of strangers watching me ride.
  11. _daisy_

    anyone notice a difference?

    before in April 2008 when we bought the land: today yard/arena completed: it seems to have taken ages (well i suppose it has been 2yrs from the date we bought the land) but its nearly done. There has been plenty of work to do as the previous tenants wrecked the land. But weve got...
  12. _daisy_

    Snuggy Hoods Sweet Itch rugs?

    are they worth the money? any bad points to them? am looking at this as a possibility for my haflinger as it seems to tick all the boxes for protection
  13. _daisy_

    Best fly rug for haflinger?

    So new haflinger pony is having a few problems with her skin (nothing new to what i was told when I was given her although i still havent found the actual cause of the rubbing yet) It seems as though she needs to be rugged up to help her stop rubbing any part of her body but mainly her mane...
  14. _daisy_

    Finally its started

    just have to share my arena is inthe process of being built finally after 2 months of the originally contractor letting us down. A good friend has stepped in and him and his staff are doing a fab job - however im less than impressed that weve got this far and hes letting his digger man have...
  15. _daisy_

    what makes animal lovers

    want to be cruel to other people animals? in specific horses. Just because they dont get on with the owners, what right does it give them to be cruel to their animals?
  16. _daisy_

    cc please

    CC please on one of my mares. shes IDxTB, 16yo very short coupled 16.2hh. was retired some 5 years ago and is being brought back into full work this year however was ridden a few times last year. this is her (taken Good Friday) please excuse the hair cut, she is the spawn of satan when it...
  17. _daisy_


    Has anyone seen her recently? Ive tried to PM her but they are full and doesnt look like shes been around since Feb. Does anyone have a contact number for her? or email?
  18. _daisy_

    FAO everyone who was looking for Table Top Sale in S Yorks

    Ive found one! :D to be held on 30/04/10 at Hoylandswaine on the edge of Sheffield/Barnsley http://www.legupequestrian.co.uk/download/table%20toptack%2030april.doc
  19. _daisy_

    Tack Room Clearout?

    so ive decided this morning that over the Easter break, im going to have a good clearout of all my horsey stuff - from small things like boots to larger items like buckets, stable and turnout rugs. BUT I need to sell them (need to pay the unfortunate vet bill thats coming soon) and dont know if...
  20. _daisy_

    Free pony

    does anyone want a free pony? pony in question: pros: full papered 100% pure blood, full up 14.2hh, 5yo Haflinger cons: has a nasty habit of appearing when you least expect it, upsetting the horses in the stable and chews bridles/saddles when you are tacking another horse up :mad...
  21. _daisy_


    Does anyone know where thewonderhorse has gone? I cant find her on here or on FB. Can anyone point me in the right driection as I need to speak to urgently. thanks guys
  22. _daisy_

    work after colic

    How long would you leave your horse after a colic attack before you started them back into work? My youngster had an attack on Wednesday this week, started as tympanic then spasmodic. She pulled round Wednesday late afternoon and her bloating has since subsided today. She is currently being...
  23. _daisy_

    electric fencing problem

    is anyone good with mains energisers? we set up the mains energiser the weekend before last and it was working great till sometime today. It was ticking away happily this morning when i left the yard (about 7am) Got there tonight and it was quiet, not ticking, no flashing no nothing. SO i...
  24. _daisy_

    line breeding

    i can anyone explain this to me please? and in particular in welsh breeding after reading a post which included a link to all breed pedigree i thought id look one of my horses up on there and it seems theres some very wierd goings on back in the 60's.
  25. _daisy_

    at a loss. stress induced laminitis?

    im really at a loss with my mums pony. - bit of background. pony is 14.1hh 11yo and is a chronic laminitic sufferer. we didnt realise how bad she is when we bought her (not that it matters to us tbh) she seriously damaged her NF when she ripped in open exposing all the bone work in her foot...
  26. _daisy_

    Freezemark ltd - experiences please

    My mare is due to be marked this coming Saturday but ive only just got the paperwork through advising it is Freezemark that are coming out - this is a large group booking all arranged by our local police station. I agreed to the marking but didnt realise who was marking. Ive always have had...
  27. _daisy_

    To do lists?

    does anyone else write "To Do" lists when you are on leave from work or am I just the mad one ? if so whats on yours? i never seem to get chance to do everything in the evenings or at weekends (I work full time and have a 9-5 job) so have to write all the jobs down for when im on leave...
  28. _daisy_

    Itchy/Scurfy skin & Feedmark Equidermis Plus

    has anyone used Equidermis plus for a horse that has itchy/scurfy/greasy skin? how long did it take you to notice a change in the coat? has anyone used it and not noticed any difference? if so, how long did you keep your horse/pony on the supplement before giving up with it?
  29. _daisy_

    turnout masta neck cover

    does anyone know where i can find/buy a neck cover in lilac in size medium? (or does anyone on here have one they dont need and want to sell?) ive searched ebay but nothing on in that colour.
  30. _daisy_

    have you ever wondered how you coped?

    been looking for a certain picture when I came accross some pics I took a while ago (well nearly 3years now) that I took when I was asking for some help on mud fever on here. I used to keep all my horses on livery and 1 suffered terribly with MF. She would regularly have courses of...