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  1. noblesteed

    What to do next? Old injury

    I have a 19 yo 15.2 Andalusian x gelding with a range of medical problems. He has had episodes of laminitis on and off over the past 5 years so is kept in starvation paddock or muzzled and monitored very carefully. He's Currently absolutely fine. He also has arthritis in both hocks which were...
  2. noblesteed

    Gutted - time to retire?

    Just wanting people's poinions as I am finding this all very difficult and it's making me really sad :( I have had my 18 yo horse for nearly 10 years. He's now just a hack since being diagnosed with bone spavin 4 years ago. A symptom was being disunited in canter so we can't school any more...
  3. noblesteed


    To add to his long list of issues... My 18yo horse has started violently jerking his head when ridden. This only happens with low sunlight hitting his eyes - when he goes from light to shade etc. Also happened today when sunlight flashed off a car. Would this be described as head shaking...
  4. noblesteed

    Child riding lessons

    My littlest boy is just 4 and has been asking to ride. My own horse is too big and sadly we had to have the little yard pony put to sleep a few months ago. So I took him to a riding school for a 'taster' - a little plod out on the lead rein on a gorgeous little pony with the instructor. He...
  5. noblesteed

    Keeping horse alone?

    Been offered a nice sheltered field for my gelding. He's arthritic, laminitic and I think approaching retirement :( The field is a sloping 1.5 acres of 'yorkshire fog' type moorland meadow grass so good for keeping lami at bay. He would live out in his muzzle by summer and unmuzzled in winter...
  6. noblesteed

    field sizes

    Hi there Been offered a nice sheltered field with scrubby sheep grass in it if I want it. It's on a slope down to a stream and has a few small trees for shelter. Opposite is a hill which will protect it from the prevailing wind. To cut a long story short my horse is 18, has a range of medical...
  7. noblesteed

    Melanoma on manparts!!!!

    Oh my goodness! My 18 YO grey gelding has a few lumps under his tail and around his sheath but he has recently developed one right on the tip of his manhood! And it's growing! I am horrified about this, is it likely that a vet can do anything about one in such a sensitive place? It's not...
  8. noblesteed

    Cleaning sheath?

    What's the best product for cleaning off the sticky black gunk that an ageing gelding produces? It's on his legs and it's like tar! He's got a few melanomas in there so I don't like to rummage about!
  9. noblesteed

    type 2 diabetes/EMS?

    Hi all, My 18 yo connie x iberian has been laminitic for 5 years since a nasty bout while on loan. I am expert at checking pulses, watching for footiness etc nowadays. He's on restricted grazing with a muzzle. He had a mild lami bout very early this spring and cushings test came back negative...
  10. noblesteed

    could it be anything other than lami?

    My 18 year old 15hh gelding has had lami in the past and for the past 5 years I have become an expert at detecting the early signs and preventing a proper attack. The last attack he had was after steroid injections in his arthritic hocks, last spring. Made the decision not to inject any more...
  11. noblesteed

    Older horse health advice please

    Hi all My gelding is 18 and I have had him 9 years. connie x andalusian. We've had lots of fun together and I love him very much. He's recently showed signs of slowing down, though I know 18 isn't particuarly old. He has a history of laminitis and I am now well-accustomed to spotting early...
  12. noblesteed

    Does this sound like cushings?

    18 year old horse, has had grass induced lami in the past. Currently thin, losing weight and seems to run out of energy half way round a ride. Had to increase feed to compensate. This week farrier has found sub-clinical laminitis (no symptoms just stretching of white line) but then after 2...
  13. noblesteed

    Colic help please!!!!

    Hi Just posting for a friend as she's at the farm. Her 9 yo mare came down colicky on Thursday. She got vet out immediately, he gave internal, pain relief and colic injections. Said no food for a day, just a bit of water. Then bran mash, after a day a little hay. Anyway she's not getting any...
  14. noblesteed

    Getting old/arthritis/steroids

    Hi all, looking for advice on my oldie and whether or not to have his arthritic hocks injected this year or just manage on herbal pain relief. My connie x andalusian is 18 this year. He's had hock arthritis/spavin for 3 years which is managed annually by steroid injections. 2 years ago had an...
  15. noblesteed

    long term devils claw use

    My 17 yo gelding has had hock arthritis for the past 3 years. He's had annual steroid injections and the last set were this time last year. He seems comfortable on liquid devil's claw in his feed. I was going to have him injected again by the vet but farrier says he doesn't seem to need them and...
  16. noblesteed

    head tossing at low sunlight?

    Bit worried about my 17 yo gelding. When we are hacking out in low sun (mainly winter) and we are passing hedges he often violently shakes his head to the right. It's when the sun is shining from the left. It only happens when sun is bright and low and you can see sunlight dapples through the...
  17. noblesteed

    lami - anything else I can do?

    So my horse had the vet for his annual vacc a couple of weeks ago. Vet said great to see him in good shape, he's nice and thin. He noticed he was slightly lame on a foreleg and I said farrier has cut him a bit too short this time so we though nowt of it. 2 weeks later he has come down with lami...
  18. noblesteed

    Laminitis epidemic in July????

    Hi all, My horse lives on a private yard with 6 others. 3 aged skinny retirees, 2 other rideable mares and mine. They all share a single large but well-grazed field. Recently the 2 younger mares on our yard have come down with mild lami symptoms - sore feet etc. Both were fat and are now on...
  19. noblesteed

    Best boots for hacking

    Hi there, I have a veteran gelding who is 6 months into rehab for a damaged tendon sheath and having annular ligament cut on a hind leg. He's doing well but the vet said prgnosis is guarded as there is still scar tissue within the tendon sheath. I would therefore like to ensure this fetlock...
  20. noblesteed

    Best boots for hind fetlocks

    Hi there, My horse had an operation on a hind leg in the summer. The op was to remove annular ligament (across back of fetlock) and remove scar tissue from tendon sheath. Vet advised me to bring back to work with polo bandages on both hind legs to give extra support. I used fleece ones but...
  21. noblesteed

    Arthritis/spavin/pain relief

    Hi all, My 16 yo gelding has spavin, x-rayed and injected both hocks 2 years ago then injections again 6 months later. Then in spring this year he wrecked his annular ligament so had to have box rest, op etc. Annular ligament cut in hind fetlock and tendon sheath tenoscopy. He's 7 weeks into...
  22. noblesteed

    Turnout boots

    My horse is recovering from an op in August and is allowed out in the field now. The vet advised me to bandage the affected leg to ride which I have been doing. I have been putting him out in a premier equine sports boot but he has destroyed it! The neoprene has all come away from the velcro...
  23. noblesteed

    Amtrust / Equicover

    Big thumbs up for them! They have just paid out for an expensive op, the second claim of the year on my old dobbin, without any quibbling. This is in spite of me not renewing my policy too. I will definitely use them again for another horse. Highly recommended!!!
  24. noblesteed

    box rest/spavin woes

    Hi all, My horse is 2 and a half months into 3 months box rest after an op on his annular ligament and tendon sheath on his right hind. He has spavin in both hocks so it was a last resort to operate. Well the expected has happened - now the nights have turned cold he is stiff as a board. The...
  25. noblesteed

    tendon sheath adhesions - experiences?

    Hi My semi-retired hacking horse had an op recently for a couple of things and one of them was tenoscopy on a tendon sheath to remove adhesions. The vet said unfortunately he couldn't remove all the adhesions and so the horse might never come sound, but to try anyway. Currently 2 months into...
  26. noblesteed

    Box rest woes

    Hi all I am sure this has been done to death but my gelding is struggling with box rest. He had an op a month ago on his fetlock. He's in on box rest with 2 x 15 min walks per day with pole work. Over the past week he has become quite naughty and, knowing his ways, I think he's getting fed up...
  27. noblesteed

    Operation hasn't worked well - what next?

    I have posted about this before but I have a lot of stuff going through my head at the moment about my horse's future and just need a bit of advice. My 16 yo semi-retired gelding has bone spavin in both hocks for which he has had a year of treatment and which, according to the vet, seemed to be...
  28. noblesteed

    box rest tips please!

    My gelding is back from horsepital after his op and now he's feeling better he's not too impressed with box rest. He has been pacing round his stable which I am not too bothered about as the vet says he needs to move about. He has to walk out twice a day for the next month before a reassessment...
  29. noblesteed

    tenoscopy op today :(

    Hi all, Horse had his op today. He had a tenoscopy on tendon sheath and annular ligament cut. Vet says prognosis is only fair due to the amount of adhesions/scar tissue within the tendon sheath, he couldn't get it all out and the tenoscopy was difficult. He cut the annular ligament from the...
  30. noblesteed

    What do you regard as 'field sound'?

    Hi all, I am currently awaiting an operation for my 16yo gelding on his tendon sheath/annular ligament. He's on box rest currently though has a mooch in a tiny taped off corner of the field so as not to get too bored and to keep him moving a little (he has spavin in both hocks). He's due to go...