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    Utterly Stumped!

    Hi. I am an instructor and have had a few clients who have had feelings of nausea and had to abandon the lesson. One lady had suffered with vertigo and the motion of going round in circles flared it up. She was fine going large around the arena but on the lunge felt immediately sick. So in her...
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    Hiya, for my humble 2 pennethworty? i thought there were a lot of horrible accuracy questions which caused a lot of problems for many combinations. I dislike that cross country is turning into corners and skinnies and acute angles everywhere! way too many of them at Pau imo! Also agree that...
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    Where to go next, bit wise.

    Sounds like you had the curb chain too tight on the pelham. Try it again with a much looser curb and see how you get on
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    EQUI-AMI thoughts?

    Love mine. It has improved balance in all of mine. X
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    Dealing with a kicker

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    Dealing with a kicker

    Radiance gold. A gut supplement made with mainly healthy bacteria. I had an stressed ulcery horse on it and he was calmer and happier within a week. Amazing stuff!
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    Horse economy shrinking?

    Interesting thread! I teach kids at a riding school and see some real passion for horses and riding from most of them. I have some cracking little jockeys but unfortunately the majority of their parents are bemused/ clueless and will not be willing to support that child beyond one or 2 lessons a...
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    Hi. WHat does SCC stand for? I know a young mare that had 3rd eyelid removed a couple of years ago and yes it has always been slightly weepy ever scince
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    How can you tell if an unbacked horse is going to be good?

    great advice thankyou for sharing. I have a 3 year old filly in my field at the moment. she is definitely in the cheeky/ pushy camp so that's a plus point!
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    Still more bitting issues!

    I’d be tempted to try a micklem bridle. My horse is fussy in the contact and gets her tongue over every bit, no matter the noseband, but she is more settled in the micklem and her tongue stays put (most of the time). X
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    Equiami - will it help?

    Hi. I have found it to be an excellent bit of kit. I have a connie who has learnt to balance his canter beautifully using the equi ami. He is now really consistent in his ridden canter work i feel the equi ami helped a lot
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    Saddle fitter Staffordshire

    Cheshire saddle exchange in macclesfield. Xx
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    What to feed thoroughbred

    Grass. Plus hay / haylage if there isnt enough grass. X
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    Advice needed for vet visit due tomorrow please?

    I had a mare that sounds very similar. Spoilt as a youngster. No respect for personal space at all. Would walk through you for food. Nappy when she wanted to be but talented. If she was pointing in the direction she wanted to go in would jump anything in her path with ease. But if she didnt...
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    How good can I realistically get (opinions/experiences?)

    sounds like you need to be riding better quality horses, the beginner horses are ok for learning the basics on but if they are not carrying you forward willingly then you will not progress your riding further. i teach in a riding school and there comes a point when the clients need to move up a...
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    What do you love that others hate

    With you in that! Lol!
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    Bitting gurus wanted please

    Hi there. I have an elevator bit in my big mare. It has a nice lozenge mouthpiece. It keeps her head up a treat. We hunted in it yesterday with d ring attachments and i kept hold of her no probs. She is really happy in it. Worth a try in my opinion. Xx
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    Body Protector all the time or not?

    I hate them. If i had to wear one it would be a racesafe and only if compulsary. I teach kids at a riding school and the ones who wear them are generally restricted. They struggle to mount, dismount or do any round the world type excercises with them on. I like riders to be able to use their body. X
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    The King George

    Love love love seeing the mares battling out the boys! Such tough mares.
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    The King George

    I cant wait! Afternoon in front of the tv. Might Bite for me. X
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    Why bother with an equine college course ?

    Yes i agree i’m afraid. Very low opinion of equine college graduates.
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    Bucking advice

    Hi. Just wondering if you have changed her feed at all in the last couple of months? My mare started to buck when i put her on a stamina mix. Scince taking her off it, no more bucking!!
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    Burghley 2018

    Hat cam video brill. He is a man of a few words! I cant keep my trap shut when i’m riding. The skinnies look very skinny from hat cam. Thankfully there werent many of them!
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    Teaching horse to accept needles

    I have a needle shy mare. The key with her has been to twitch her calmly first and let the effect if the twich take hold for a couple of minutes. I also keep her head turned away from seeing the needle. Then the vet has been able to quietly inject with no fuss at all. This has worked perfectly...
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    What is your ideal breed?

    Dominobrown. Not sure of the arab side of the breeding. Out of an anglo.arab mare by a primitive rising stallion. But looks quite arab in.that she is very short coupled and has a deep rib cage. Standing approx 15hh at minute but not quite turned 3 yet. Do they tend to mature sooner or later?.
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    What is your ideal breed?

    Domino Brown. Are you specifically referring to part bred arabs? There is a 3 yr old black filly that i have my eye on at the minute. What are the plus points? Not come across any before but she seems to have a bold outlook.
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    Family friendly large dog suggestions please?

    Hi. I have a black labradoodle bitch. Black lab cross standard poodle. we are in a similar set up to yourself. Plenty space but non secure boundaries. She loves kids and is as soft as butter. But she is an excellent guard dog as she looks imposing and has a deep bark which notifies us of any...
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    WTF?! Kira the project does her first PSG!

    Fabulous! A total joy to watch!
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    Is it just me or is this the worst winter for years?

    Its been terrible and an utter slog. I have ponies that should be hardy planting and refusing to turn out in the mud. I would have never considered stabling a welsh section a before but he has other ideas. I would be seriously thinking about giving up if winters were going to be like this in...
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    Yes it is a risky and dangerous sport and that is why it evokes such high emotion. That those horses and riders are so very brave in doing what they love and were born to do. Those runners at cheltenham are the cream of the crop. They have proven how talented they are at jump racing and how much...