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    Rubens as a rider?

    Have just watched art critic, Waldemar Januszczak's, film on the artist Peter Paul Rubens. He says Rubens had a daily routine - He watched his weight, ate only a light lunch and after work each day in late afternoon would go for a ride. The horses in his painting were his own horses. Quite...
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    Dutch mounted police dance salsa.

    This came to my Twitter feed - to cheer me up If no one else has posted it
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    Parking Metre Credit card Scam

    Just a warning to the kind hearted elderly. Do not give anyone help at a parking machine. My 80 year old OH was conned of three card details and pins this morning while walking back from the town because he agreed to help a foreigner with a parking metre problem. A medium height man of North...
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    Hamburg Jump Derby?

    Can anyone tell me as a mostly non horsey person, anything about German jumping? And Jump Derbys. Does UK have anything similar? Or is it a unique German horse sport? I have been looking into Pulvermann and the jump he built, Pulvermann's grave, of which there are good videos. He seems to have...
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    Celebration ride - Hyde Park

    There was a thread some time ago asking about riding in Hyde Park - whether it was worth it or just plain dull? This was something my OH and I wanted to do. We love London and the history of riding in London so we celebrated our golden wedding by riding in Hyde Park from Ross Nye Stables...
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    Crazy equestrian retail?

    My OH fell off a month ago. He needs a new Charles Owen hat, a new bp and possibly an air jacket. To get all three and have the fit checked we have to drive to three different shops, each about 16 miles from the next. A whole day just vanished and I could be riding! Do other people buy these on...
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    Impact of Body Protectors in falls?

    Can anyone please report on the comparative hardness of different bps as the landing surface in a fall? And whether it would be softer or firmer to land on one's back in an inflated air jacket? My OH in his seventies fell in the school wearing his Racesafe Level 3 bp - Leaving him shocked...
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    Reflex instinct when falling off?

    How many people automatically put out an arm to save themselves as they fall off? One reason I have never hurt myself falling (touch wood) is that I dont seem to put out an arm to try and save myself. I thought my reflexes might be bad due to old age. However, teenage Grand daughter fell...
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    Lamenting Carlos Gracida

    The horse world and its forums are a mystery to me. The only sport OH and I ever watch is polo and we were shocked yesterday in central London to pick up the Evening Standard and see that Carlos Gracida had been killed in a fall. To us he was a household name. Someone more accomplished than I...
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    Which helmet to buy for teenager?

    This is a not a knowledgeable riding family. I'd like some guidance please on choosing a helmet for an 11 year old grandchild - walk, trot and canter, some hacking and has started to jump. I wear a Gatehouse HS1 helmet. Most of my riding is hacking. OH wears a Charles Owen J3 jockey skull...