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    Confidence Crisis - new horse, new yard feeling a bit useless.

    Don't feel useless! But my one bit of advice would be if you do ride in the school tomorrow ask someone if they will just keep a watchful eye. I NEVER ride without someone being at the yard "just incase" Hopefully you'll crack your confidence soon in the menage and enjoy your hacks out together...
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    Your best ever horse/tack/feeding/grooming/stable tips!

    In my experience.. Get a GOOD Instructor (Not all instructors will suit you and your horse) I never knew about the tail brushing but have to admit mine is a hunter type pony so rarely gets the brush to his tail anyway :p Would love to know people's top tips on plaiting and keeping manes! I...
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    I did it! First ever ODE

    Super!! Well done you! I had a similar mishap the other week at Arena eventing.. must remember RIDE EVERY FENCE :D Hope you've booked in for your next one!
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    severe tail rubbing

    Check with the vet for pin worms!
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    Horses and heat

    Could the lady in question keep an eye on him/her and do the poo picking - and then pay a professional type person to do the bring in of a day time? - We are in England... in August it could also Torrential rain! :D I would do this just to stop you worrying if it were me i'd be on the phone the...
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    Can horses see through mesh fly veils at night time ???

    Following with interest! I believe they can see but think my lad would be one of the dopey ones stood in the middle going "where has all the grass gone" it also makes me wonder what happens when it rains? I was always led to believe the rain would fill the mesh holes - again could be a myth? I...
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    Transforming the Dungeon! (picture overload)

    WOW! I love it! :) Great choice of colours!!
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    Do horses copy behaviours?

    Yep I believe they copy to an extent too! An avid door kicker next door soon taught my lad how to kick the door down at tea time!!
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    Horses with "human" names

    Old man names are the best in my opinion! Mine's called Dennis, But we also have a: - Ted - Bert - Jim - Tommy - Gordon - George :D
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    Sensible and bombproof breeds - help with new pony please!

    Mine's got Connie in him! Although he's had his mad moments (Bought him at 5) He's so loveable and sensible and starting to grow up! (Now 7!) He is often the lead ringer to take others out on the roads. Defo stick to your instinct and get something with Connie in it :)
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    Does garlic really keep the flies away?

    This made me laugh a lot! :D
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    XC Gloves

    Another Roeckl lover over here!
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    Does garlic really keep the flies away?

    Or is it just a big myth/money making business. Personally I've always been a bit suspicious...:D
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    Adventures of a teeny weeny orange horse!! <pics>

    She looks beaut! If only I could find the money to have 2.... would snap her off you in a flash!! *hearts in eyes*
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    Active Rider?

    Has anyone been to an Active rider camp? I'm going on Friday and I'm SO excited :) Just wondering what to pack and where I'm going to fit it all... :D
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    New Pony is Here!!! (pics)

    Beautiful! Dizzy has such nice markings :) Enjoy!!!
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    Equilibrium Massage Pads... Worth the money?

    Ah this is a good idea! I'm going to camp next weekend and the tack shop they hire has a "test go" for a tenner! Might try that and see if it makes a difference in my lesson! Thanks for all the feedback! Think I might have to bite the bullet... Why is it we spend so much on our horses but not...
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    Equilibrium Massage Pads... Worth the money?

    Has anyone had good/bad experiences with these? Are they easy to use or just a pain? Looking into them for use of before exercise to warm up back muscles - to reduce stiffness? TIA :)
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    Video of whole round from SOE BE100

    Looks like a nice course! You make it look so easy! Good luck for badders! :D
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    Exercises to lift feet in trot?

    Trot poles and raised trot poles? :)
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    How to make white saddle pads white again?!

    I've scrubbed with vanish bar before and then put a scoop of them vanish minerals in the washing machine (like a little tub of washing powder) Saddlecloth has come out looking like new! :)
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    First BE report!

    FAB! Well done you too! Bet your so over the moon!! Hope you got a nice frilly too ;):)
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    draw reins?

    Without causing controversy but I would also like to know this too! and reasons why if they have used them and still dislike them? Just watching with interest! :)
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    draw reins?

    I personally don't mind draw reins if used in the right way. E.g my horse went through a stage of tanking off in his canter, so I used to put the draw reins on him but tie a knot at the top (so I wasn't actually holding them) and they'd hang low and loose so if it happened where we had no...
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    Should I stay or should I go ????

    You've pointed out a lot of good in your new yard and only 1 bad point, see if anyone else feels the same and definitely contact Y/O to see if your turnout will be sorted, especially if it was promised : )
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    George has trained me well. LOVE LOVE LOVE this horse!!!

    What a cutie! and also a very talented neddy! :)
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    Irish sport horse dealers - recommendations

    Not very helpful but I know of a reputable seller over here in the U.K... Mark Allman sells a lot of the Irish beasties, Based in Staffordshire I think?
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    Affordable, economical 4x4 to tow with?

    We have a Kia Sorrento (55plate) so not a massive tax bill! Good on fuel (As best as a 4x4 can be!) We love it - Dad drives it, I'm the passenger with the pony on the back :)