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    Hemangiosarcoma in Horses?

    Hi Wanted to see if there’s anyone with an experience with hemangiosarcoma in Horses? Recently diagnosed horse and wondering if anyone else been through the same!? Thanks in advance
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    Yards to rent!!

    Hi Just wondered if anyone knows of any yards to rent in Surrey, close to cobham as possible.... ideally about 6 boxes a school and good grazing.... good hacking a bonus!! Struggling to find anything.... there must be something!!! Thanks!!!
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    sending a difficult horse away for training?

    So i have a 14.2hh mare, very strong and a lot of atittude (no pain had everything checked) she has a huge jump and a lot of potential but im struggling to get the best from her, based in surrey...... any recomendations for potentilly either sending her away for training or someone to come...
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    In foal or fat!!???

    opinions greatly appreciated!!! ☺️ Will be getting vet check and bloods in a few weeks as well!
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    Burghley young event horse and event ponies

    Hi I am trying to find some information about the Burghley young event horse and event ponies. Is this open to anyone? Of course I know you have to qualify but googling isn't giving me much help and would love to find out some more info on qualifying and basically any info that anyone...
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    transport hire question!?

    Hi I wanted to find out how much people charge or would pay for transport hire in Surrey area (can be further out as well, just want a general price idea really).... Specifically for trailer hire of something like an Ifor Williams Eventa L or Equi Trek Show Treka L (or anything similar...
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    Combination bit

    I was wondering, i have just bought a myler combination bit. Can you use a noseband as well as the bit? it doesnt keep their mouths closed but wasnt sure if noseband as well would get in the way because of how it works? Thanks!!!
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    What to feed a skinny but very high energy pony!? Help?

    hi I have a 14.2hh mare who lives out 24/7, shes dropped off so much over winter and really struggling as to what to feed her to get some condition back without sending her crazy. At the moment she's on two feeds a day, large scoop of chaff and scoop of pony nuts. Also access to haylage in...
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    waterproof nose net?? does this exist??

    Hi just wondering if a waterproof nose net exists? My horse hates the rain, he gets really really irritated... cover his nose and he stops. so was wondering if anyone knew of any type of waterproof nose net or cover. or any other ideas greatly appeciated!? thanks!!!!! :-)
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    just out of interest/opinions sharing costs

    bit of a continuation from the last post i made..... how much would you either expect to pay for a share or how much would you charge? for example my horse is 15hh, easy going can be forward but not fizzy... hacks, good on ground, jumps over 1m+ facilities at the yard include 3 schools...
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    Just wanted to find out where people find their sharers!! is there any good websites to advertise on or places people looking for shares advertise? done facebook groups ect..... hard to find good sharers.... thanks :-)
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    Bit advice?

    hi :-) So I have very awkward little pony who I'm struggling to find a bit I can jump in. She flats in a straight bar snaffle but can't jump in it as no where near enough control. Tried a gag but she hates the poll pressure... Kimblewick she backs off in canter and Pelham same thing...
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    commenting on others tack choice!?

    hello I just wanted to find out if people ever comment on others choices of tack for their horses. either at home or at competitions? I know people wouldn't agree with mine but would you make a comment to someone if you disagree, whether you know them or not? just interested really? :-)
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    Aggression advice!?

    Hi everyone, ok so i have a 4yr old Airedale terrier, absolutely beautiful dog and lovely to have around (mostly)..... hes always been very willful and a bit growly if he doesnt get his way but never went any further, we never backed down when he did it and followed through with what we...
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    Cancer Research Sponsored Ride

    Hi, so our yard has organised a sponsored hack which has now got quite big with around 20 horses joining. we are all dressing in pink both us and our horses to do a 6-8 mile hack. big variety of horses going so some are doing a slightly shorter hack and others going for slightly longer...
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    Project pony :-)

    Hi, I got a little project pony a few months ago, called monty 14.2hh skewbald Cob. very sweet :-) he is very hairy at the moment but going to clip and hog him as think he will look much smarter :-) here are some pics of him at the moment: has anyone else had projects or got...
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    Hey, im not sure if this is in the right place but was thinking today about the foal my mare had about 7-8 years ago. he was called amadeus (think thats how its spelled) but would love to know how he is doing and what he has done, he is around 8 years old now. this is him below and then...
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    Horse Share

    Hi, I am possibly getting a 14.3-15hh horse and would be looking to have sharer on him. i am wondering what sorts of prices people charge and pay? he is a skewbald, very scopey, done a lot (competing, hacking, been to the wales championships, just generally a very nice horse). it would be...