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    Working the young horse

    I have a just 6 welsh section d who I have had for about 18 months, he was weedy and very green when I got him, just before lock down I fell off him which knocked me a bit and then we couldnt ride for about 8 weeks but I did in hand walking and lunging and trt. We are now riding again but my...
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    Tightness in hips causing problems riding youngster, any tips?

    I am a 60 year old short and wide girl, trying to lose weight atm and also doing regular exercise but my hips are very tight when riding. I am finding this is affecting my youngster in his ability to turn as my inside leg is too far forward and therefore I am blocking the shoulder. He is a wide...
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    Young horse lost confidence hacking after lockdown?

    My nearly 6 year old welshie has always been pretty chilled out hacking but since lock down he seems really on edge and not settled. I have done lots of walking in hand, have been out twice with someone on the ground and tonight with another very steady horse and someone on the ground. He felt...
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    Getting help with your horse

    I have a young welsh d, he is lovely but green. When I first got him I had a professional rider schooling him once a week, they now seem to be working with another rider who I do not like or respect as she is hard and rough so I do not want him to go there anymore. There is a lady at our yard...
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    Calmer for young horse

    Hi all, my rising 6 welsh section d is very green but is normally pretty well behaved but he does have hysterical moments which I know are typical of the breed! We had no riding for 6 weeks but I lunged did pole work some TRT and long reining. We have started riding again but he seems very on...
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    Mane pulling

    Have tried solo comb but it broke! Any other ideas?
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    Colic any advice

    I have a 5 and half year old welsh section d had him for about a year and a half. About a month ago he had colic symptoms had the vet out and after buscopan vet said he had undigested matter so no food overnight and he was as right as rain. It has occurred again tonight vet didn’t come out but...
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    I have today received my copy and there is a very interesting piece on headgear and angles which it can be damaged. A few pages on you have several hunt staff wearing beaglers and on the last page weekly columnist Tessa Waugh also wearing a beagler. I think that Horse and Hound as the major...
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    Hats? Should horse and hound continue to show photos of people not wearing correct safe headgear?

    I have today received my copy and there is a very interesting piece on headgear and angles which it can be damaged. A few pages on you have several hunt staff wearing beaglers and on the last page weekly columnist Tessa Waugh also wearing a beagler. I think that Horse and Hound as the major...
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    Rebuilding a lorry - any experiences?

    i am looking at taking my lorry off the road for a year and saving up to get a newer chassis for it, the body is in good nick but the chassis and cab are heading for problems which is going to get expensive. Anyone got a new chassis for their existing lorry and how was it? How expensive, were...
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    Best diets? Carb free/Slimming World/Calorie Counting

    Hi all opinions please! Must lose some weight as my riding wont improve until I do and for the sake of my health and my horse. I need to be able to have some alcohol (gin is fine!) and it needs to fit into a busy lifestyle around work and horse. Thanks in advance
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    Body aches legs hips back any help ?

    My back hips and legs are sore and fatigued. I have a sport massage every fortnight but wondered if anyone had any advice. It's making riding unpleasant as it hurts! Currently riding in a wintec as pony is still growing he is a welsh d so pretty stocky. Thanks
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    Young horse - is this normal?

    I have a 5 year old welsh d he is very green but pretty sensible. I have a couple of issues the first one is circling in the school, he is tricky on the left rein so if I start the circle he then throws the outside shoulder and sort of falls out and ending a banana shaped! I have been working on...
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    Girth recommendations please

    as the title - I have a roundish welsh section d he is just 5 and is still growing so we have a flat back round belly and shoulders that are still developing. I have bought a wintec adjustable gp for the moment it fits well but as is round I need a good girth. I have been recommended a prolite...
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    Stamping and kicking when tied up and in lorry

    Young green Welsh d 5 years. When tied outside stable he tends to strike the floor a lot and in the lorry good to go on but massive kicking etc once loaded. Not sure whether to ignore or reprimand. What have others done?
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    Not sure if I have bought the right horse

    Hi so after the permanent lameness of my cob I have bought a rising five welsh section d gelding. We have been doing ok but he has becoming increasingly bargy on the ground and we have had a couple of unpleasant experiences out hacking. On Monday I took him out to an in hand show just to show...
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    Solo hacking when did you start?

    So the young Welsh I have bought had been an angel and have started hacking out on my own just down the road and back to get his confidence. Tonight we set off and he was much spookier than usual and then he spotted deer in the woods! I decided to turn back and he was beside himself high blowing...
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    Young Horse behaviour - saddle and back issue?

    I have a 4 year old welsh section d. He had his saddle fitted by a saddle fitter in December. We always lunge him for a few minutes before schooling to allow him to get any excesses out of his system, he is normally very good but last night he kept bucking in the canter and kicking out. He also...
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    Lorry failed MOT need to rant!!

    Last year I managed to buy a lorry after my husbands aunt left us some money, this was the only thing I wanted having managed with a beat up Shogun and borrowed trailer for years. I have presented it for MOT this year and have discovered that it has excessive corrosion in the cab mountings and...
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    Feeding a young horse

    I have just purchased a 4 and a half year old section D. I like to keep feeding as simple as possible so will give him unlimited hay and a handful of chaff as a token feed. He will be turned out every day. Is this enough or do people feed a more specialised diet to their young horses. This is...
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    Welsh section D experiences?

    Hi thinking of buying one of the above nice looking 4 year old. Hacks out alone and in company green in school but moves well and is willing. They seem to have a bad press so what are people's thoughts?
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    Hi looking for the above very short wide legs!!! Suitable for riding in. Every pair I have ordered are too long very frustrating
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    At what point do you stop riding?

    At a bit of crossroads current cob is undergoing diagnosis for lameness and not sure he is going to come right. I took this horse on as I could see his potential he was a gift so I have worked very hard to get him ready to compete at dressage but he's gone wrong. So here's the thing I have just...
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    Clipper recommendations

    My boy is funny with front legs and head. I have liveryman elements and although they do the job they keep cutting out so I am sending them back. So I need small quite clippers what do people use?
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    Coffin joint arthritis- any success stories?

    My dear boy has been diagnosed with coffin joint arthritis. He was in injected yesterday I can start walk work in 7 days then normal work after 14 days. He is used for hacking and low level dressage. Anyone got any experience with returning to normal work levels after these injections?
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    Surely we should be able to do a prelim by now?

    Having a negative day. Have had my boy for 2.5 years he was unfit and had never competed. We have been out a few times and done ok at intro. But the canter still needs lots of work I have 2 lessons a week and he is worked 5 days a week. We seem to have hit a wall! It is hard to keep going when...
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    Dressage saddle

    Hi all I am looking for a flat seated 17.5 inch saddle with removable knee blocks that would fit a wide cob with shoulders what are your recommendation I am in tenterden Kent thanks
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    Coughing horse what to do re hay

    My horse has got inflamed airways and the vet has prescribed a 10 day course of ventopulimin. Obviously hay is a issue so have been soaking it but he does not like it. I am wary of feeding haylage as he is a chunky lad although our yard haylage is excellent. Thought about steaming but there lots...
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    Saddlers in TN Postcode

    Having been informed today that the saddler I have been trying to book with cannot come to me until March I am looking for recommendations in and around Ashford and Tenterden, someone who carries a good selection of new and secondhand thanks!!
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    Hi all happy new year! I am looking for advice on saddles. I currently have a Kent and Masters Dressage and an old GP for hacking. The GP is now too big for the boy and is a bit hard on the bum! The dressage fits him much better but it pulls my inner thigh and I am getting increasing leg hip...