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  1. J&S

    Did you see....?

    The photograph of The Queen riding her pony in the grounds of Windsor Castle? She is 94 now! My comments were......... wow, I have got another 20 years to look forward to..... BUT....... I shall need a new pony! I realise she gets a lot of "help" but I still think its brilliant that she has...
  2. J&S

    Are you running a small/local horse show this summer?

    I am involved with a small local show that has run for 46 years, this year being 47th, we are hoping to all last the course till 50 years! What I am wondering, and I can't find any evidence on line as yet, is would you put on the schedule that passports showing up to date vaccinations are...
  3. J&S

    Hallo to all

    I have participated in this forum previously but so long ago I lost track of my password so have just been a "lurker" for years. However, I felt compelled to re register to answer one particular thread. Looking forward to pleasant interaction on others in the future though.