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    Surefoot stability pads

    Very cool! I agree and is why I am looking into them. Would love to hear how you get on.
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    Surefoot stability pads

    Was it the surefoot ones??
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    Surefoot stability pads

    Did either of you end up using these? What did you think??
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    Equine Massage Questionnaire

    Done ��
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    Back in Aberdeen!

    Hi, my family and I recently returned to Aberdeen from living in Canada. Unfortunately I have had to leave my beautiful gelding Flint behind until we can hopefully return. I am missing riding him so so much and was wondering if there is anyone in the Aberdeen area that needs help exercising...
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    Port Lewis Saddle Fit System Impression Pad

    Thanks everyone - the advice is grately appreciated!
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    Port Lewis Saddle Fit System Impression Pad

    I'm thinking about purchasing one of these - does anyone have any experience using one? Also wondered if anyone had one laying around they don't use as they are pretty pricey.....