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    US HHO'ers - Price of hay?

    Whilst driving my daughter to pre-school today I passed a farm selling large round hay bales for $50 each. Is that the norm? I live in fairly snobby horse country right now and I know the price of boarding is higher here than elsewhere. So, to those HHO'er in the USA, what do you pay for hay?
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    Insurance for horse on loan

    My horse has been out on loan for almost 5 years now. He has been with the present loanee for going on 2 and a half. Up to now I have always insured him, and told the company that he was on loan and given permission for the loanee to contact them if a claim is necessary, though I still had to...
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    Carriage House Equine Insurance?

    Anyone insure their horse with them? Good or bad reports please. thanks
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    Well, I just got my renewal for Harv's insurance. I asked them to drop him down to basic coverage as he will now just be a happy hacker. It came back at 310!!! I paid 308 last year and he was fully insured for hunting, jumping etc. Plus he now has the exclusions on his leg! I don't know what...
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    I saw this and couldn't help but snigger. Would you name your horse this???? http://www.gahorse.com/horse.asp?id=1633
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    Loan agreement question about time frames

    So Harv is off to his new home. The lady is taking him on loan with view to buy. Given that I am in America and Harv is in England, it is difficult for me to take him back at a moment's notice, so I have put in the agreement that if she wishes to end the loan before the specified date, she must...
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    Where to advertise horse for loan?

    What are good websites to advertise a horse for loan? Got to start sorting out the orange one again.....
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    Retirement Livery?

    Has anyone had a horse on retirement livery anywhere? I am looking into this for my horse, and was wondering if anyone has used either Monshall, in Winkleigh, Devon, or Happy Horse in Powys, Wales? Any info appreciated, or any other suggestions? I would prefer the Devon area, but at this point...
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    Anyone in the Southwest need a 15.2 lawnmower?

    I am getting to my wits end now. I have to find a new home for Harv by the middle of the first week of September. He can't be ridden for 6 months, but will hopefully be able to be hacked again after that. So if anyone needs a 15.2hh lawnmower for 6 months, let me know.....
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    Well, it's all gone pear shaped

    The person who told me she was willing to look after my boy until he was sound again has just backed out. So now I am back to square one............ *sobs*
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    *sobs* What do I do now?

    Some of you know that when I moved to America 2 years ago I left my horse on loan with a friend. A year later she bought another horse and told me she had no time for mine, so found a girl to loan him. In May this year he went lame, with a fluid lump on his hock. Vet has since diagnosed a tendon...
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    Would you buy/loan a horse that was no longer fit to Jump?

    As the title says really. Do you think anyone would be interested in a horse that could only be hacked or do dressage? Obviously if it was sold, price would reflect the restrictions.
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    Tendon firing

    Anyone have any experience or advice on this? My horse has been having some tendon related lameness and this has been brought up. What do you all think?
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    Wandering horse?

    So, had my second ride with the lady near me last night and I rode a different horse this time. This one is a wanderer! Whoever trained him for western didn't keep him straight, so he wobbles and wanders along any straight line, along the track and down the centre etc. What can I do to...
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    Need some sensible advice and kind of a "how much?"

    So, the story is my boy is on loan in the UK, whilst I am now in the USA and is looking more and more unlikely that we will ever come back to the UK. When we moved I got quotes to bring Harv here, and it would cost me about 4000 quid, or 8000 dollars. When he got here I would have to find...
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    Schooling exercises for softening and lightening

    Ok, so rode the horse I will be exercising last night, and he is pretty stiff in his neck and heavy on the forehand. The owner did warn me of this and he is ridden in a loose ring french link snaffle, but what exercises can I do with him in the school to loosen his neck and lighten his front...
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    Should I be annoyed?

    Ok, so my horse is on loan at the moment whilst I settled in to my new life in the USA. I insure him, but the girl who loans him pays the extra to have him covered for Hunting and XC as she wanted to do it. The difference is about 30 quid a year. The other day I got an email from the insurance...
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    Anyone at Duchy College?

    Does anyone go to Duchy College? I am trying to find out what the DIY livery yard there is like. My loaner wants to take Harv there next year, and I am concerned he will hate it. He came from a RS with no winter turnout and limited summer turnout, and since being out almost 24/7 since I...
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    Advice please on vet investigations

    I have posted this in Veterinary, but I was hoping for some other advice. Anyone who gets to the end of this can have a cookie! My horse Harvey is on loan to a girl in Devon, as we have moved over to America. At the beginning of January she emailed me to say the vet had been to look at a small...
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    Bog Spavin

    I have been doing some research as to what might be the diagnosis of the "lump" on Harv's leg. Seems to me it might be a bog spavin, as he has not shown any lameness. Does anyone have any information or experience of Bog Spavins? Thanks for any advice.
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    Bony lump on hock

    I know this is a pretty long shot, but I was hoping you experts could give me some advice! Anyone who gets to the end of this can have a cookie! My horse Harvey is on loan to a girl in Devon, as we have moved over to America. At the beginning of January she emailed me to say the vet had been to...