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    Confidence wobbles

    Im in exactly the same place. Fell off my mare in the school about 4/5 weeks ago and its done a number on my confidence, mainly in the school. Hacking is fine. I know my fear and its losing control - im just taking it all nice and slow and getting someone to school my mare in the meantime...
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    Blue cross rescue - experiences please

    I have one - went to see a few but reserved and they contacted me with another they thought would be suitable. Whole process pretty straightforward. They do checks once a year, you must have insurance (public liability) and you need to vaccinate. My mare has her quirks but nothing major - I...
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    Positive vet check

    I got vet out to scan my mares suspensory yesterday - 12 months post last scan after rehabbing a medial branch injury. Few niggles in last 4-6 weeks and shes soured a bit in her work, not happy to tack, to take out or school (eveything else has been checked). Always a risk of re-injuring the...
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    Stopping my horse being bitten..

    I would be pushing for a field move. Sounds like your lad is getting a rough time with a big youngster - not nice for him even if it doesn’t escalate.
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    Dressage Instructor Staffs/Derbyshire

    So hard finding someone new and they are big shoes to fill! Very jealous you’re off to a clinic - we are a way off that at the minute but we’ll get there. I’ll take a look at Mary - thanks.
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    Dressage Instructor Staffs/Derbyshire

    10 miles so close enough!
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    What do you do with your equines at home?

    I have three. Two who don’t go anywhere or do anything and one that I ride, hack out, do flat work with and get out and about (or did pre this pandemic and pre an injury that wrote off 2019). They all get decent and varied turnout, are often in front of the house and road so get to see things...
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    Small steps!

    From someone with confidence issues huge congratulations- such a big step to do something new(ish) that you are anxious about.
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    HHO's "Bear" project pony...

    Huge sympathies with where you are with your boy. You are doing exactly what i would do and thinking ahead, options and worst case scenario. Ive spent best part of 15 months rehabbing minr for a medial branch injury (left hind), its incredibly hard, expensive (and we had no treatment) and time...
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    Dressage Instructor Staffs/Derbyshire

    At Ingestre - chris was the instructor i saw. He was great and teach you to understand how to train rather than just to ride. Too far to travel regularly with the trailer though and i also have my own school so can have someone here. I used to train with Alice Beasley - loved our sessions and...
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    Dressage Instructor Staffs/Derbyshire

    I went for the odd lesson when horse on non-ridden rehab but its a bit far without without having to take the neddie too. I used to travel to my previous instructor (about half an hour) but she’s relocated and closest she teaches now is Somerford which is too far.
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    Dressage Instructor Staffs/Derbyshire

    It would - thank you
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    Confidence like a yo yo

    Thanks - confidence is very fragile, especially as you get older. I just need to work through it like you. Part of me is incredibly disappointed in me for not being able to look at all this logically - well I can dismounted but stick me in the school and I can’t! The mind is a terrible thing...
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    Confidence like a yo yo

    Thanks Widgeon - not patronising at all, I completely agree it was a success and totally different to my fall. It was even an issue and pre fall wouldn’t even have merited a thought other than to get her more balanced before asking. It just fed this fear I now have and I just couldn’t ask...
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    Horse wont lunge left

    Mine is established lunging but was reluctant on left rein pre being diagnosed with a medical branch injury to left hind. If your horse is happy to lunge on right rein but vastly different in the left rein I would be tempted to get the vet out.
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    Confidence like a yo yo

    I think I might - I noticed last night that the 15 mins warm up was me working up to canter so I just didn’t enjoy it. Big sigh of relief when canter ok then oh poop when the second had a few silly strides. The schooling after was really good and focussed as I’d decided not to try again...
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    Confidence like a yo yo

    Pretty sure - she’s been rehabbed incredibly slowly and all has gone well. She feels fine to work and canter is good. I’ve watched her ridden (by the pro) and she lunges nice and evenly. When she was injured (medial branch left suspensory) she looked/felt odd on left rein especially in...
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    Confidence like a yo yo

    Sympathies Mahoganybay. My previous mare was tricky but this one is really quite easy - I’ve had her over 3 years and she’s done wonders for my confidence, taking me from being scared of most things to competing at novice ( I’d never done a test before). This is a combination of the rehab...
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    Confidence like a yo yo

    Fell off about a month ago (twice) in a flat work lesson - not a good day. Both times with canter transition, second time she had a paddy, span like a twit and the fall was hard. Ive fallen off her before but its always been a miscomms not a loss of control. So this time i cant seem to get...
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    Dressage Instructor Staffs/Derbyshire

    On the border of Staffs and Derbyshire and looking for a good instructor. We’ve had a year off with injury but ready and able to get stuck in now. Having lost my go to instructor who i loved (relocation and partial career change) during our year off, im finding it hard to find a replacement...
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    Negative Palmer angles (front feet)

    Mine has very flat soles - not a negative angle but poor enough to cause her lameness issues without very careful balancing. Ive had her 3 years and decided to go barefoot after 2 years of on and off problems. We did egg bars, heart bars etc - no wedge as farrier didnt like them. I was about...
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    Why are some riding instructors like this?

    I know. I‘ve been incredibly fussy since. Such a big part of riding is confidence - a good instructor is key to that and makes progress more enjoyable. Riding is after all supposed to be fun!
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    Why are some riding instructors like this?

    I used an instructor for a young horse and she started to over focus on our canter transitions - admittedly poor. I was told off (or so i felt) for not pushing her more (4 year old green IDx) and in our last lesson ahe got the lunge whip out. I specifically told her not to use it - despite...
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    In hand training

    Any suggestions for some focussed training programmes I could do with my mare please? We rarely lunge now following a hind medial branch injury and for same reason only use the school once a week. We train on hacks and she’s fit enough for what I want to do. I want to supple her, get her more...
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    Rescue horse dilemma

    Agree with others - you’ve done a great job getting him to where he is. You should be proud of what you’ve achieved. I would take it nice and slow and build him up very gradually, keeping an eye on the known issues (including the LS dip). I rehabbed my mare for months by in hand walking (up to...
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    14 months from November 2015 to December 2016 - I had to get back on in 2016! Broke my hip in a nasty fall out hacking and struggled with it for a while. I managed because I was in pain for most of it! I was never a massive risk taker but did buy myself a very lovely and sensible dressage...
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    Suspensory Branch Ligament

    Mine had an injury to medial branch left hind. Also psd in left front (believed to be caused by compromised hind). No treatment just v slow rehab. Box rest for 6 weeks, then small paddock turnout for 6 months. Lots of walking in hand then under saddle. She was diagnosed 15 months ago and is...
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    Introducing Lindeza (lin-day-za)

    She is absolutely stunning but so is he - another one that missed this thread. I have always been very envious of the barn you have - if I was doing my yard again that’s what I’d have. You’ll have loads of fun with your mare over summer.
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    Wise, or ridiculous?

    Definitely hiding something- you have foiled their plans! Or have you . . .