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  1. J&S

    Daughter's pony - what to do?

    My first thought is: horses for courses! As BP has said, the pony did a great job at what he was good at, restoring confidence to his young rider. Is it fair to try push him into a different mold? Not all of us are natural athletes, similarly not all ponies or horses are natural and happy...
  2. J&S

    Horse ad

    She looks like a very strong horse, in more ways than one!!
  3. J&S

    Are there things your horse just won't do?

    I hate cows and i think my coloured horse felt my fear! Big horse will not allow his ears to be touched with scissors or clippers, even when sedated. Believe me, the owners have tried. Some thing bad happened in his Irish youth we think as he is a saint for every thing else.
  4. J&S

    Solo Hacking

    From home: Companion pony on a string, hi viz for both, phone some times, schooling whip to keep holiday makers at arm's length. Not usually out for any longer than 1 hour. From Big Horse's home: Hi viz, probably take phone, no set plan usually. Yesterday I was in more trouble walking the dog...
  5. J&S

    Never thought I’d be writing this :(

    Keira, if you do send Prince back and therefore end up with out a horse do get in touch with your local RDA (Riding for the Disabled) group. I am a coach and have had several riders with MS. You would be welcomed and perhaps the kind horses the groups use would give you back some confidence in...
  6. J&S

    How much weight to lose before I can ride

    This 13 hh stocky moorland type pony carried me fine at 65 kgs.
  7. J&S

    Pictures Best fiancé award goes too..

    I do agree! Lovely horse, great photos, clever chap, its not as easy to get good horse photos as people might think. I like how your boots match your horse and the sea and sky are just gorgeous.
  8. J&S

    My horse suddenly is a nightmare to mount

    If not the actual fit, have you considered there might be a rivet loose, a broken arch or tree, just something that moves when weight is first applied. This was the problem when the absolute saint of a horse I ride started to move at the block. Do you hear any tiny creak or click when you hold...
  9. J&S

    Getting into showing

    Ask your instructor if she knows of any showing/WHP clinics going on. Join the Pony Club, you will get lots of help and going to rallies will give an indication of how the pony goes in company.
  10. J&S

    Self medicating horses

    My ponies chewed all the bark off the willow which was in the field, now no willow! Have planted another couple and fenced them well.
  11. J&S

    Rug advice

    My 13 hh moorland type pony does not get rugged, I wouldn't think your Sec A would need one either but may appreciate some indoor respite if very wet/hot.
  12. J&S

    Brave Fox!!

    There is no O in your arena!
  13. J&S

    Veteran conditioning

    There does come a time when their general constitution just doesn't allow them to pick up, this happened to my NF mare at about 28/29. I found it hard to acknowledge what was happening and kept holding on to the belief that come late spring/early summer she would be looking good again. I am not...
  14. J&S

    Advice please ?

    This is not nice for you, definitely give her notice. There will be a more sympathetic companion out there for you.
  15. J&S

    Something needs to change.

    Get your transport organised, join the local riding club, get out and meet some other horsey people who will make you feel welcome and hopefully work with trainers who will give you a good confidence base. You need small goals that are easily achievable to start with and then every thing else...
  16. J&S

    Brave Fox!!

    That's a good size fox, surprised your horse didn't think it was a wolf!!
  17. J&S


    It's difficult to give advice as have no idea what you have tried already but what worked for me was simplicity itself really. Back the lorry up to horse's stable, have the gates (do lorries still have gates at the back??) well jammed to the walls beside the door of the stable, put a nice bowl...
  18. J&S

    Video Dolly getting ready for EVENTING!

    She seems that bit more confident with the show jumps which is lovely because so easy to dislodge a pole in the SJ even though clear xc. How is the dressage???
  19. J&S

    Am I making this up? Lip curling?

    Yes, a sign of colic.
  20. J&S

    Pictures ... and then there were four! Buckskin boys.

    Beautiful ponies x four! Jealous, Moi???
  21. J&S

    Small Paddock

    I have a system pretty much like Chaps89, maybe around 2 acres. We have stables for the winter nights and a hard standing area. The field drains well but still it gets a bit churned up after the winter. I give hay all year round as well, they don't need a lot of grass.
  22. J&S

    Mud Fever on sand

    Cover the white areas with Zinc ointment.
  23. J&S

    Another 'listen to your horse' thread

    Lovely looking horse, so sad you had to loose him.
  24. J&S

    Running home

    Mine have just stayed near by.
  25. J&S

    Chop or not??

    My father had an very pure Arab in Palestine before the war (I have his pedigree on the wall signed by the Arab sheiks who bred him) and he hogged him!!!!
  26. J&S

    Rushing forward and anxious, how can I help him?

    Do you always ride alone? I am just wondering if he is looking back to see where "the others" are.......... from his hunting days.
  27. J&S

    Just a happy Mimosa update

    A pony who enjoys jumping will do just what yours has done............ hope you enjoy it too!
  28. J&S

    Insuring for vets fees - is it worth it?

    No to vets fees insurance. I would rather have the money ready and waiting if needed. I'm not in favour of GA's, specifically for colic, and as only have an elderly retiree and a companion pony (who I am very fond of but would put a limit on how much I would spend on her) I would rather just...
  29. J&S

    Over 55 and being great

    I did this the year I was 70. Admittedly I took a couple of L fences but we were clear and came 10th out of 30! TBH it was mostly down to the lovely old horse who I have the ride on. With him I do arena Trec which he is brilliant at and I hack him for miles around S. Hams. With my own ponies...
  30. J&S

    Sharing Considerations

    For you, at this moment, or whenever you want to start looking, the very best bet would be to find some one with two horses who needs a rider to accompany them to get both exercised. You might find one of these when the hunters are first brought up and need lots of walking exercise. Riding out...