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    Does garlic really keep the flies away?

    Or is it just a big myth/money making business. Personally I've always been a bit suspicious...:D
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    Active Rider?

    Has anyone been to an Active rider camp? I'm going on Friday and I'm SO excited :) Just wondering what to pack and where I'm going to fit it all... :D
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    Equilibrium Massage Pads... Worth the money?

    Has anyone had good/bad experiences with these? Are they easy to use or just a pain? Looking into them for use of before exercise to warm up back muscles - to reduce stiffness? TIA :)
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    Windy, windy, wind, please go away!

    Anyone else's plans been ruined the last week or so by the utter disgusting weather? Meant to be going to a dressage clinic tonight but unless the weather dramatically takes a turn for the better I think we'll have to cancel :'( Sorry just needed a moan! :D
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    Bits... Silver VS Sweet Copper

    Hi All, I'm wanting some advice before I go and possibly waste my money (LOL :D) My boy is currently in a silver bradoon for his flat work, We get on well with this bit but just thinking of swopping it for a sweet copper mouth piece instead? To make him saliva a bit more and so it warms up...
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    Leather girths...

    Having a bit of a minefield so come to you HHO's Wanting a brown short (event/dressage type) leather girth, anybody that can recommended me some nice brands I'd be very thankful! :)
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    Replacement for Molichaff Calmer

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone was around to help me - I am looking at replacing my horses Molichaff calmer onto another type of chaff but unsure what to go for! Any one tried Spillers cool fibre?? He currently has red mills horse care 10 cubes and speedibeet to accompany the chaff and...
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    Itchy skin!

    Please help! My gelding has incredibly itchy skin espeically on the fur around his ears and in his mane. no mites, no sweetitch. been treating with malaseb and NAF D-itch. Still not much improvement so wondering if anyone else has had much success with another product I may not of...
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    Anyone with a VSD saddle?

    Looking to buy a VSD saddle so I can do some working hunter and hunter classes with my boy. No idea where to start looking? any one give me a clue on what is good/what is not? any experiences? liking the look of a flyde majorie or a jefferies?? any help much appreciated :)
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    Derby house...

    Looking to order some derby house jods for every day and some breeches for competition, any one tell me what the fit is like? usually wear a 28" also are they better now with delivery?! thanks :D
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    Hoys shopping list

    Anyone made one yet? :D If so what's on it?
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    Horsey shopping in the northwest?

    Any recommendations on where to go? Robinsons and Naylors are on the list. thinking of anywhere else? thanks :D
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    Favourite horsey colours?

    I personally wanted everything green when I bought my dark bay lad, but it seems near impossible to find anything nice green that all go together! So at the moment we are like a walking rainbow! So what's everyone's favourite horsey colours? :D
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    Talk to me about saddlecloths...

    I've always been a big lover of the polypad, as it's nice and padded and thick the only thing is the shape! So i went out on the hunt for a nice thick saddle cloth and found a Roma pad which was like the poly pad but shaped.. so far so good! What's your favorite saddle cloth and why? Any...
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    Horse Skin Rections

    Can anybody please list me any particular plants that a horses skin would be allergic too? anyone had any allergic experiences? Tried googling but no luck and just coming up with poisonous plants when eaten. Thanks in advance! Also sorry if this is in the wrong category - admin please...