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    Problems with Tack up Ltd?

    Hi there, has anyone else had problems with ordering from this company? I have not received my items for a long time and they don't answer e-mails or the phone? I know this has been posted about in the past - but wondered if anyone else had had problems with them recently and what they had done...
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    Canter problems with my 18 yr old

    Hi. I'm having some problems schooling my horse and wondered if I could get some tips. My horse has recently (last three months) struggled with the transition from trot to canter on the right rein. She had a new saddle fitted recently and the problem hasn't gone away. Instead of just cantering...
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    Turning my mare out with geldings

    Hi there. Ive recently had to move my mare into a field with two young geldings because when she was turned out with a group of mares at the yard she was getting bullied. My mare (having said that) is quite dominant and clashed with another dominant mare in that group. I've turned her out with...
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    comments please

    Hi - this is my horse Caff , just wanted to have some comments on her - what people think etc. Been working very hard to try and get her fit, but not sure if she's at her ideal weight yet or not. Think her canter still needs a lot of work but let me know. Hope I'm allowed to post this here...
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    Horse with OCD?

    Beginning to think my horse has OCD lol, she jumps sideways and runs backwards if a gate that is "normally" shut is mysteriously left open!
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    what is this?

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/pictureg...k.html?image=12 seen this looks horrid
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    Spooky horse

    My horse is fab in every way, but she has got real issues with her shadow. I know this sounds really stupid but it is becoming a real problem. It starts with her blowing and snorting and bending her ear down towards her shadow and then she becomes really silly and panics. She has bolted out on...
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    worried about my horse

    Went to muck out Caff this morning and she wasn't waiting eagerly as normal. Was lying down and didn't really want to get up. Seems generally reluctant to move and wont eat - have left hay and some food in case she changes her mind. I also thought she might have been shivering, but she has lots...
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    canter problems

    I'm having some problems schooling my mare at the moment. She used to do nice transitions but recently has taken to running into the canter. She used to do a lot of hunting, and does tend to rush and get strong. I assumed it was my position but lunged her as well. Think I will book us in for...
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    sorry bit of a rant

    Am in a bit of a situation at my livery yard with regards to stabling and am just not sure how to deal with it. My horse is out during the day and in at night at the mo. She has had the same stable since she arrived. Since then I was told I had to move her and that was fine as the stable they...
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    What would you feed a horse with navicular? He is 13, Trackehner 16.2hh. At the mo he is on alpha a, top spec, soya oil and haylage twice a day. Any suggestions? He is not in any work as is lame, and is prone to losing weight.
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    Is my horse too fat?

    Sorry just got a bit worried when I brought her in this mornin. She ballooned when she first went out. She's lost a bit since then but am still concerned. I weighed her - she's 537 KG http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i249/tashyisaudrey/100_2209.jpg
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    what would you suggest?

    What feed would you suggest for a 13 yr old Trakehner ex eventing horse that has navicular and is lame at the moment so off all work. He is normally fed alpha a and has trouble holding his weight. Although at a body score at the moment he is in good condition. (not fat not under ) he is losing...
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    endurance riding

    Hey sorry just a random question really. How does one get into endurance riding? Also how fit does your horse have to be?
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    what would you do?

    Ok . I have noticed for some time that my neighbour hasn't been looking after her horse very well. First she stopped riding it all together. She asked me if I could ride him for her - I having time on my hands at the time happily agreed. So I rode him out, jumped and schooled him for her. He...
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    What is...

    Rollkur? Just wondered as someone just asked me and I'm sure I read it somewhere in a contraversial context but am not sure. Memory is too selective!
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    feeling a bit sad

    Hi everyone. feeling a bit sad - I was jumping my mare tonight. All went well. She knocked a few down - but I expected that - first time we have jumped in a couple of months since my injury earlier this yr. So we were both getting used to each other again. Anyway, I started to feel uneasy as...
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    Aldon Horse trials

    Hi. Wasn't sure where to put this sorry if you have already read this. This is a bit of a longshot - but did anyone go? (16th-18th March this yr) I was wondering if anyone had any pics at all as mine have not come out all that well. Don't worry if not. Just a random request Thankies for...
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    Aldon horse trials

    Hi. This is a bit of a longshot - but did anyone go? (16th-18th March this yr) I was wondering if anyone had any pics at all as mine have not come out all that well. Don't worry if not. Just a random request Thankies for reading this anyway
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    wondering if anyone can help me

    I need some pics of horses wearing snaffle bridles for an assignment. I've got some off the web and my own horse but they are a bit rubbish. Anything at all would be great. Thankies.
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    lazy ned

    hey my mare is out full time now which is great. Only thing is I think we might have to limit our schooling to hacks because she has been so so lazy. Ironic as earlier this year she was a complete maniac, now she is chilled as... Talk about extremes!! Took her in the school this evening. She...
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    Freeze marking

    Hi there everyone. I have decided I definitely want to get my all of ym horses freeze marked to deter against theft as its been on my mind a lot. What do I have to do and who do I have to contact to go about doing this? Also how much will it cost aprox ? Audrey
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    Does anyone know what it is and what causes it? I'm doing an assignment on it.
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    I think my horse might be getting a bit too fat although she doesn't look laminitic - but I'm worried at the rate its going that she might be. She seems to have doubled in size since she's been turned out and I have been riding her everyday - so this must be the grass? I've moved her into a...
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    anyone know...

    where I can buy a horse weigh tape from and how you measure them? I'm doing an experiment with my horse for an assignment.
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    am I over- reacting?

    ok I went to see my horse yesterday evening. I got there to find her soaking wet (we'd had a bit of rain) and the light weight sheet that I had put on had just been screwed up and left outside the field. I was annoyed because a number of small ponies which have been grazing the verges (the gate...
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    er... is this for real or am I going mad???

    I don't think I have ever seen a horse for so much..... shocked... this must be misprint? http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/marketplace/classified/details.php?id=60815
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    fly masks

    Ok I need to get a new one this year but there are way too many on the market and I need some recommendations The flies seem to get all over face and irritate her ears as well. Also she shakes her head a lot to get them off and she can get most of them off so it would need to be able to fix on...
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    Collegiate Bridles

    Anyone got one? Was thinking about getting a new one for my mare as her old one getting a bit skanky. Is it worth the money... do they look nice or should I go for a cheaper one? Are there any other makes you can recommend?
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    how do you

    change a wintec gullet? I know my horse takes a medium wide this season - the blue one. At the moment she has the green one which is narrow and far too small. I have taken the screws out and pulled down the velcro but am having problems removing gullet. Is there a second set of screws? Having...