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  1. milliepops

    Rugs, rugs and more rugs

    Rambos for my herd, they fit well and never let me down. For economy and ease of cleaning I prefer a lw outer and liners which covers all eventualities.
  2. milliepops

    Dressage People - Flashes/Grackles

    I understand that. But people say they struggle to find them. If you just google cavesson bridle, zillions come up just in the google shopping ads. It's not like they've stopped being made, thats all, so the struggling people can't be trying that hard 😅
  3. milliepops

    Dressage People - Flashes/Grackles

    Fwiw I've never found it difficult to buy a bridle with a cavesson noseband, I own several different brands 🤷‍♀️
  4. milliepops

    Steep fields

    yeah, he's pretty old to be changing to that kind of environment too. it would be different if he was 18 and had time to get used to it, but it might be pretty tough going especially if it's slippy in the winter.
  5. milliepops

    Good bye Pete

    so sorry :(
  6. milliepops

    Steep fields

    how steep is steep? my oldies prefer not to go on the steep bank in their field even though the grass is better there. they will graze it but they clearly prefer the flatter areas.
  7. milliepops

    Dressage People - Flashes/Grackles

    I'd say, because it's in the rules that it's allowed, so why wouldn't you if you have a horse that tends towards opening its mouth. whether it should be in the rules or not is another matter. In the last 10 years I've ridden one in a drop, she does yawp on the bit occasionally so I'd rather she...
  8. milliepops

    Stopping Diy...any yard owners out there?

    I think that depends on the freedom permitted to do individual management tbh. I totally appreciate what you're saying- I have 2 very different horses at the moment and one of the reasons I'm looking to move them is because the welsh does too well on the YO imposed management and the TB doesn't...
  9. milliepops

    Stopping Diy...any yard owners out there?

    I'm not sure it's necessary to decide what kind of yard you want to run down to the discipline, unless you're running a very specialist operation. Happy hackers can rub along with competition riders quite happily - in fact it probably reduces pinch points for facilities if not everyone is trying...
  10. milliepops

    NS turtle top sizing

    thanks - will do some investigating :D
  11. milliepops

    NS turtle top sizing

    thanks. it's irritating that they don't do normal sizes. he's not got masses of room in there and I don't want to end up with something too big that pulls across his mouth.
  12. milliepops

    Short, Choppy Canter

    um.. i do think you can improve a horse's natural paces with correct training. what you see in the field isn't the finished product. Don't give up, you will not turn her into a loose and prancy warmblood but provided there's nothing physical going on you can certainly teach her to move with more...
  13. milliepops

    NS turtle top sizing

    planning to hire one for Darcy to see if it helps the chomping problem we have... he's currently in a KK which is 135mm I think, which would put him in a medium do people find these come up true to size?
  14. milliepops

    Stubben Equisoft or other anatomical short girths?

    agree you need to wash the prolite frequently, i scrub mine off quickly after every ride. they don't rub my thin skinned TB. I sold my fairfax and have 2 prolites now :p
  15. milliepops

    wanted adverts for broodmares

    i think this kind of thing plays into the hands of people wanting to palm off a lame knackered mare for cash rather than do the decent thing by her :(
  16. milliepops

    Solution and Wow Saddles

    there are plenty of pro riders who event etc in Wows without getting jettisoned :oops: I found my Wow saddle the best for jumping with no rebound o_O the flair bags should not be that full.
  17. milliepops

    Solution and Wow Saddles

    ask for recommendations in your area. I've had wows for years, I also really like the versatility and I find them very secure.
  18. milliepops

    XC clinic report

    sounds like a great outing :D where are you off to next?
  19. milliepops

    Who has a Pivo?

    haha! yeah same. If my mum remembers to keep the horse in shot then she gets carried away and does disco-zooming. it's quite something o_O
  20. milliepops

    Who has a Pivo?

    that jumping vid is pretty good! better than some human camerawork! :p (anyone watch olivia towers videos? bless her mum, she's about as good as my mum at videoing things, she could do with one of these things to film her tests :p)
  21. milliepops

    Who has a Pivo?

    I use inshot which has paid options but the free version is pretty good.
  22. milliepops

    Lunging for the vet?

    i would also take the horse into the clinic for the workup. but to answer the question about riding, IME it's not unheard of for a bit of ridden work to form part of the assessment. I have ridden one for the vet (it was also lunged and trotted up). Echo twiggy, i'd pick up the phone to the vet...
  23. milliepops

    Who has a Pivo?

    I think your video is set to private 🙂 I'm pretty pleased with the latest update, horse beta with the auto zoom reinstated lost me briefly twice in 40 mins in our awkward home arena. I'm going to try cranking up the video quality next time, been on standard 1080p so far.
  24. milliepops

    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    Kira did no work over the weekend as they were haymaking behind the hedge of doom and I just need to keep her in her happy place for a bit longer ;) Dragged her out to recap the passagey steps and i think we're closer to cracking her objection to it (she just tried to make it all too...
  25. milliepops

    Tack cleaning - how often??

    girth every ride bit sloshed off every ride wipe off sweat if horse has worked hard enough to make the bridle gunky otherwise, I clean it properly when we're going somewhere, which is most weeks, sometimes twice a week ;)
  26. milliepops

    Thoughts on these Hooves

    yes, echo IHW, having read about the progress you've been making with your lovely pony lately I think it would be better from that POV to wait a while, if you want to take shoes off. be a shame if he was one that found it a difficult transition at this time of year and you were sort of grounded...
  27. milliepops

    a Covid comp report from the Midget....

    Looking very smart :) ^ i love this idea!
  28. milliepops

    At last.....

    hurrah! congratulations. I hope you have many years of fun together :D
  29. milliepops

    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    loving the pics and reports :D Very boring but productive weekend here by comparison. However, Hera wormed and first feet trim done (got my gold star from OH for doing good foot picking up practice) , lorry washed, turnouts scrubbed... out for dinner tonight and lesson on Wednesday so it's not...
  30. milliepops

    Tortoise found in a cardboard box

    yeah there are lots of soft hearted folk that would have taken care of it, for sure. different circumstances but I found a very tired and sad budgie on the side of the road once - never kept birds before, never wanted to (not sure about the ethics of cages tbh) but it needed a home and no one...