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  1. OskyWoskyPonio

    Describe your horse in 3 words...

    As title really :) For me: Genuine, talented and a real-little-pickle (the real little pickle bit is 1 word as i put a - between each letter ;) :p )
  2. OskyWoskyPonio

    Ohh my God!! Oki Doki has Died!! Nooo!!

    I totally loved this horse!! :( :( :( :( :( :( Thoughts are with Owners and Albert :( RIP :(
  3. OskyWoskyPonio

    To go for it...or not to go for it that's the big question

    And I need some help answering it! Planning on going to our local clear round jumping on Saturday :) We have been many times before and always hovered around the 90cms/1m mark. Before the end of the year I would like to have a go at a BS Newcomers (or that's the plan anyway ;) ) But I'm...
  4. OskyWoskyPonio

    Why aren't you allowed to use your voice in dressage?

    As title really and curious to hear people's views on this :) I've always wondered why there is a rule against it and marks taken off: surely the voice is considered as one of the natural aids? Is it considered to be spoiling the overall "picture" if riders were to go around their test shouting...
  5. OskyWoskyPonio

    What do you do just before the bell to start your round/test?

    What do you do just before the bell or starter tells you to start your round/test? Dressage: I tend to walk round initially, then have a trot and maybe a canter if I have time but basically let him have a good look round and possibly at any plant pots around the edge of the arena! ;) SJ: I...
  6. OskyWoskyPonio

    Finally! A little something to have a watch of this afternoon...

    Having tried numerous times to upload Sunday's videos to Photobucket I have finally succeeded! :) So here's our SJ round. Clear despite taking a stride out down the final line! :o (meant to be 5 long from planks to double and then 1 long in between double followed by 4 short strides downhill to...
  7. OskyWoskyPonio

    A good flatwork lesson yesterday and a saddle recommendation needed please!!!?

    Had a really good lesson with a new instructor yesterday :D Oscar was working very nicely and we did lots of work on getting him to soften and relax and on maintaining that through his transitions :) Didn't work for too long as it was pretty warm and I still ache from Sunday but the lady...
  8. OskyWoskyPonio

    I'm baaaccckkk!! And I did it again :(...comp report...with pics!

    I asked my mum to change my password for here and Facebook so I wouldn't get distracted from revision during my exams!! :D ;) So Sunday was the BRC area 10 riding club qualifier at Borde Hill :) Now I have never been to ride at Borde Hill despite having helped out there at several events :)...
  9. OskyWoskyPonio

    WHOOPEE!!! (Comp report...)

    Well we went out to try a new venue today - our local riding centre has recently been taken over by my instuctor and is running dressage and SJ competitions as well as clinics :) Set off with plenty of time as my friend was competing in one of the earlier classes but neither of us had been to...
  10. OskyWoskyPonio

    If you don't mind me asking...

    Sorry there are numerous posts on this but I am looking for more specific info! I know it varies by saddle fitter and I know people have different opinions (good and bad) on them but i just want to ask (if you don't mind but i cant find prices anywhere!:( ), those of you who have bought WOW...
  11. OskyWoskyPonio

    ***Weekend plans***

    Seeing as this hasn't been done yet :D I'm hoping to go SJ on Sunday and perhaps squeeze in a bit of Badders XC as well :) What is everyone else up to this bank holiday weekend? :)
  12. OskyWoskyPonio

    I *think* we had a good day!! ;) (ODE report)

    Well we set off not too early this morning, having asked for my times to be delayed a bit due to travelling with another competitor, to SOE for the 90cm class at the Ardingly Riding Club ODE :) Got there and the weather looked a bit a bit overcast and decided it was going to drizzle for the...
  13. OskyWoskyPonio

    My 2010 so far :) What about yours?

    (apparently I used too many images so this is on 2 posts!! ;) ) So I know we're not very far into the year yet but it sounds like everyone has been very busy in their various pursuits! :) Here's the 2010 Oscar and I have had so far :D Well we had the snow at the beginning of the year which...
  14. OskyWoskyPonio

    A morning XC schooling at East Bysshe (with pics)...

    So off we trundled in the trailers to go for a XC lesson at East Bysshe in preparation for the Ardingly ODE next weekend :) Arrived with plenty of time to sort myself out and screw in studs etc. Hopped on to warm up and he felt good :) Two of my friends weren't having a lesson so they went off...
  15. OskyWoskyPonio

    That's it...I have decided... affiliate BS this year following a good outing on a ticket on Sunday! :) I'm going to take advantage of their BRC and PC member offer for new Associate members :) (shame they don't do double the discount for members of both PC and BRC like me! ;) ) When is the best time to join? I know...
  16. OskyWoskyPonio

    Riding around roundabouts...

    My friend and I were on a hack yesterday and we had to cross a fairly busy roundabout with traffic coming from four directions. Now I have always been told, and my common sense also tells me, that you should ride 2 abreast around roundabouts. The reason being that then no cars can squeeze...
  17. OskyWoskyPonio

    What do you look for in a potential competition horse?

    Ok, so you have been given a limitless ( ;) ) budget and you are setting out to by a new competition horse in your chosen discipline. What do YOU look for??
  18. OskyWoskyPonio

    Bad HHO!!

    (Ok apologies as this isn't technically CR but) HHO just logged me out! I had to reset my password as it logged me out and I couldn't get back in! Has anyone else had this happen? All I did was refresh the page!!!
  19. OskyWoskyPonio

    What do you personally consider to be a big jump?

    For me it would probably be anything over 1m10 but then if you had asked me this time last year i would have said 90cms! How much bigger do you tend to jump at home than at competitions? :)
  20. OskyWoskyPonio

    Does anyone know why Georgie Spence has withdrawn from Badminton?

    As above really - she has withdrawn all her horses, even Running Brook who was on the waiting list. P.s. Sorry if this has already been done! I did search to see if it had!
  21. OskyWoskyPonio

    Ardingly RC ODE 25th April, anyone going?

    As above really :) I'm entered in class 2 :) Hope to see some HHOers there to say hello to :D
  22. OskyWoskyPonio

    Finally...the video uploaded!! (for Weezy especially :) )

    Photobucket finally decided to play ball and upload my video from today! :) CC welcome but nothing too harsh please! I know I'm not the world's greatest rider and he has a tendency to rush but he's not the easiest horse to ride and I was very nervous especially at the beginning! BUT I have...
  23. OskyWoskyPonio

    My first British Novice BS affiliated outing...(with pics)

    ...went well :) Got there with plenty of time only to find out the clear round was running 45mins late :( Que a rather long wait! Warm up was a bit hairy! I can't believe that even a lot of affiliated people don't know it's generally left to left and walk on the inside track! :O Finally got...
  24. OskyWoskyPonio

    Any advice for tomorrow?

    I'm off to my first affiliated BS tomorrow to do BN and possibly Disco on tickets :) Anyone more experienced, are there major differences from unaffiliated besides the obvious like better built, correct height courses etc.? Anything I should watch out for or be aware of? I'm soooo excited...
  25. OskyWoskyPonio

    Your horsey dreams when you were younger...

    Just interested to see what everyones horsey dreams were when they were younger/what they are for when you're older? :) Have you realised those dreams? For example did you dream of owning your own horse and working with horses? Or like many did you dream of going around...
  26. OskyWoskyPonio

    Just wanted to wish all you HHOers and your horses a Happy Easter!

    Hope everyone has a lovely day :) Don't eat too much chocolate now ;)
  27. OskyWoskyPonio

    Have Albion Selecta saddles been dicontinued?

    I heard from someone that these saddles have been discontinued and the Albion website no longer displays them. However, Frogpool Manor are still showing them for sale but by special order only :-/ Please help! I was looking at these saddles for my...
  28. OskyWoskyPonio

    Is a 19" saddle huuugggeee??

    Ive just been looking at a second hand Albion saddle sized 19 Medium. Im 5ft9 with fairly long legs and my horse is a 16.1hh, but not particularly short in the back, ID x TB (sorry not a brill pic - most of my pics are on the other computer!) I've been told by a saddle fitter that he's a...
  29. OskyWoskyPonio

    What did/are you all doing with your horses if you have exams this yr?

    I have my GCSEs to sit this summer and obviously A-Levels in the coming years. I'm wondering what is the best thing to do with my horse? We often compete but obviously that will stop in May and June, as i will be busy revising (thrilling prospect...!), and resume fully again in August for...
  30. OskyWoskyPonio

    "Proud owner" So pleased with my horse! SJ today (pics and vid)

    So today we went to our pony club SJ to do the Dengie qualifier (3ft-3ft3) Arrived and luckily it was indoors as it did not stop raining the whole day! Anyway, i still wasnt able to compete as i havent been back riding long after pulling my achilles tendon and am now waiting for to see the...