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    GSP puppy pics

    After months of planning we finally picked up our new GSP puppy last Friday. His mum is half sister to our current 5 year old. Meet Finley At 6.5 weeks when we chose First day home just over 8 weeks My big boy Harley showing him around Having fun and chilling
  2. galaxy

    What constitutes a puppy farm in your eyes?

    Asking this question after a rather lovely interesting thread on the fb GSP page tonight. The short story is a gsp rescue (but not the official breed rescue) advertised some puppies in for rehoming that were 4 months old, yet stated that they were looking for their first home. So they were...
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    Red horse hoof stuff for Central sulcus

    Just want to highly recommend this product.... It's brilliant! I have been trying to floss and clean my mares sulcus for months, but as soon as she goes out it fills with dirt again. I've been using hoof stuff for just over a week and the sulcus is clearly healing up and getting smaller already...
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    What to add to shavings to increase absorbency?

    I am moving yards due to relocation prob sometime in November. It's a lovely yard and the price includes 1 bale of shavings a week. My mare is incredibly wet. I use rubber mats but still have a decent bed due to the volume of pee! I have used pure shavings before, and went through 2 bales a...
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    Livery needed! Relocating my horse!

    Apparently Bucks is in this region.... Accepted an offer on my house today so now need to find my girl a new home too! Looking for DIY (possibly assisted if the right package) in Eaton Bray area. I am relocating from Hampshire with my well behaved 16hh ISH mare (dope on a rope) and do not...
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    Livery needed! Need to relocate my horse

    Just accepted an offer on my house. It's happening and now I need to get going! Looking for DIY (possibly assisted if the right package) in Eaton Bray area. I am relocating from Hampshire with my well behaved 16hh ISH mare (dope on a rope) and do not know the area at all. So all suggestions...
  7. galaxy

    DIY livery in Eaton Bray area

    We are relocating to this area sometime in October onwards. We had a drive round for the first time today. From google there do seem to be quite a few yards. Any recommendations? I need DIY livery (not looking for top of the range, costs a fortune. I currently pay £30 a week for stable...
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    Cool coats

    As this weather is apparently here to stay for a while and H is not coping very well I am thinking about buying him a cool coat. Can anyone recommend one that they have used that they have liked? Thanks!
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    Please help - what makes a Cremello

    Hi there This is not actually a breeding question. A client of mine has a Cremello mare that is rapidly developing melanomas (see thread It is very rare in non greys and the vets are very worried and I was just wondered with...
  10. galaxy

    Melanomas in non grey horses

    Has anyone ever experienced this and what was the outcome? A client of mine bought a lovely pony in January that flew through a 5 stage vetting. Recently we noticed a lump appear on the side of her face. Didn't think anything of it but pointed it out to the vet when she came out for...
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    Harley's 1st Agility Comp clear round!

    I could not be prouder of him! I took him to 1 competition last year and he had a meltdown on the start line he was so worried. So we did more training and more friendly comps. Took him to a UKA a coulple of weeks ago and was pleased he stayed confident and we did one round with only 4...
  12. galaxy

    Feeding quantities and times

    Over the last month or so H has just been interested in breakfast. Once we are back late morning though he will eat it, but sometimes we are out and about till the afternoon.... He usually gets tea around 5pm so sometimes his 2 feeds are quite close together. This afternoon I've wondered if...
  13. galaxy

    Treating cut pads

    Any tips? Harley sliced the pad in the back of his leg yesterday. I cleaned it with hibiscrub then left it. But found that if he knocked it he opened it up and it bled again. So put a square of animalintex on it as padding and vetwrap to protect it. He doesn't seem bothered by it at all...
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    Don't usually do these threads but this has made me so MAD!!! What an idiot!!!
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    Teeny tiny puppy cuddle pic!!

    My friends lovely working cocker bitch had a litter in Sat and I went round today for cuddles!!! They are soooooo cute!!! Here's a pic of my fav! He is going to have a huge personality!!! (and before anyone asks, yes the parents are fully health tested and they had a list before birth...
  16. galaxy

    I think we may have conquered Seperation Anxiety! :)

    Feeling very proud of my boy! Apart from a big blip earlier in the year, H has always been ok left at home. The blip earlier in the year made us totally rethink everything and thanks to a lot of help from Cayla that has been resolved for a while. However away from home he has always been...
  17. galaxy

    Thumbs up for Greenwich!!

    Had a brilliant day. The over ground services from Waterloo were great and there were loads if volunteers to direct you from the station (who were on serious happy pills! Lol!) Flew through security who were very thorough and organised as well as polite and friendly!! The place is...
  18. galaxy

    Rider List Up!

    Equestrian Team GBR just posted on fb "Running order for GB Eventing riders; 1 Nicola Wilson, 2 Mary King, 3 Zara Phillips, 4 Tina Cook, 5 William Fox-Pitt" I asume 2 will ride tomorrow as we are drawn 17th and 3 on the Sunday?
  19. galaxy

    SUNCREAM + what are you taking?

    I'm sure I read somewhere that suncreams were the exception to the no liquid rule..... But now I'm double checking I cant find it referenced anywhere!!! I'm a redhead and burn like a tomato!!! I need to take suncream! What else are you taking? I'm (for me and OH) sandwiches, couple...
  20. galaxy

    Eventing Running/Start List

    Has it been published yet? So we know which order the riders will go in and therefore which riders we will see on either the Saturday or Sunday for the Dressage?
  21. galaxy

    Ariat Glaciers/ Grasmere

    How long DO they last? I'm giving up on my 2nd pair of Toggi Canyons. I was REALLY pleased with my 1st pair. Lasted 18months/2 years and I really did not look after them. Bought a replacement and sent them back within a month as coming away from sole and they replaced. That pair then came...
  22. galaxy

    Ground Conditions at Hickstead

    Anyone know what it is like? Going to Friday, not sure whether to take the more expensive option of my 4x4 or steal my OH normal car? Whats the footing like around the stands? Welly only zone?
  23. galaxy

    *pictures* Harley's play date with his Smooth Collie cousin!

    Went for a play at my brothers house last week and took some photos of their Smooth Collie as they do come up on this forum now and again but I don't think anyone owns one? Bella is now 2 and her full sister won best of breed at crufts last year, so she's a pretty good example of the breed...
  24. galaxy

    taking the tube to greenwich

    is this a bad idea?? Had a look at the journey planner and the route ideas they give us are ridiculously long and conplictaed with loads of changes!!! Would be so much easier to just get a direct train to waterloo and then jubilee line and DLR to greenwich. Realise it will be heaving but...
  25. galaxy

    Just booked Harley in for the snip Monday....

    .... please tell me it's gonna be ok? I've always not knowed what to think about neutering... I thought it was the done thing when I got him and then my vet disagreed and told me unless I had a problem with him he does not neuter male dogs! So for the past 2.5 years I have had no issues...
  26. galaxy

    What makes a breed unsuitable for first time dog owners?

    After reading a comment on another thread I was wondering on people's thoughts. Assuming they could provide the right home environment, time, exercise and had help from trainers etc what are people's thoughts on breeds unsuitable? I remember when looking for Harley some GSP breeder websites...
  27. galaxy

    Agility people - UKA Question

    Have entered my first UKA comp with Harley 14th April (eek!!) We're only going for fun cause it's local, I fully expect to be eliminated!!!! (although my trainer has been encouraging us to enter, so shouldn't be a total embarassment! hopefully!) Anyway, I've received my entry card...
  28. galaxy


    Had to share.... so relieved!! Don't be put off my the reversing.... it's really not that bad. If you take it really slow you have loads of time and room. The worst bit is trying to remembering how to drive like when you 1st learnt after 12 years of bad habits. I did a 12 hour intensive...
  29. galaxy

    how many horses on yard vs school

    Were having a convo up our yard this morning and got me thinking about the above question. The yard I am on has had up to 16 (ish) horses on and only 1 school. But some of those horses were pretty much never ridden (young/old/ just not!) and people worked all sorts of different hours so has...
  30. galaxy

    Sudden Seperation Anxiety update

    Thanks for all the help I got last week when I paniced over H suddenly having SA We didn't leave him for a few days to see if whatever had upset him would settle. Also, because he had lost his voice, I didn't want him to strain it anymore by howling/barking/screaming! I spoke to my...