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  1. silv

    Tie-up Rails / Posts?

    you can attach the top rail to the others using no 8 wire, needs to be done tightly but works very well
  2. silv

    Lovely pics...

    Absolutely this, and beautifully turned out.
  3. silv

    AIBU - probably but very cross

    That is awful, I certainly wouldn't pay and would change my vet when this is all sorted. Poor dog and you could do without the worry too. I hope she heals soon.
  4. silv

    What is the Best Western saddle pad?

    The Professional Choice ones are pretty good.
  5. silv

    How do you clean your brushes?

    I use my dishwasher for all but the leather backed body brush, i'ts also great for bits and stirrups. I do live alone however!
  6. silv

    Is insurance worth it

    Sadly it has been well worth it for me. I have lost two very expensive horses in two years. One collapsed with a mesenteric aneurysim (had autopsy) and two weeks ago my beloved mare to colic. Prior to this earlier in the year I had a $1500 vet bill for lameness paid for too. Ironically she...
  7. silv

    Has anyone ever had a 3 horse trailer?

    Very popular over here, horses travel herringbone. Just need one of the big 4WDs to tow it.
  8. silv

    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    That’s a question I always ask as my chickens and dogs are frequently around my horses feet especially at feed time. I couldn’t have a chicken or dog intolerant horse here.
  9. silv

    EPSM people...I have Cody’s results:-(

    I am sorry disappointed for you, what rotten luck.
  10. silv

    Update - my little dog with dementia

    What a grand old lady she looks in the photo. I am so sorry for your loss.
  11. silv

    Collegiate Dressage Saddles - Opinions?

    Lower end of the market but decent saddles. Good value for mone.
  12. silv

    Foal pics, meet Hera

    She is stunning and a huge time waster I imagine. Looking forward to following her journey.
  13. silv

    Stopping crud going down hoof boots?

    A friend of mine uses rubber over reach boots with fluffy tops reasonably successfully.
  14. silv

    Please give your horse the benefit of the doubt - Muffin update

    Sorry to read this, you will feel much better when the deed is done I am sure. Lucky horse to have had an owner with such insight.
  15. silv

    Unintentional new arrival

    She's lovely, I can see a bit of border terrier in there, where did you get her from? She looks very happy.
  16. silv

    Introducing Toby

    Very attractive indeed, look forward to following his progress.
  17. silv

    New addition to the (horse) family...

    What a cutie, does he have a name?
  18. silv

    Pictures Some foal pics

    Absolutely Adorable!
  19. silv

    Skinny dog

    I am so sorry to read this, how bloody unfair for you both. Take care xx
  20. silv

    The dawgs

    Super dogs, I cannot imagine life without having a labrador in it.
  21. silv

    Skinny dog

    Here's hoping for a positive outcome. He deserves a lovely life with you after having such a miserable existence for so many years. Good for you for caring so much too. Best wishes to you both.
  22. silv

    My little horse is gone

    I am sorry to read this, what rotten luck for you both, take care xx
  23. silv

    Hoof abscess bursting out of odd place?

    Ha ha no problem, computers can be infuriating things. Keep us updated how you get on.
  24. silv

    Show us your tails!

    My handsome Traveling Wilbury.
  25. silv

    Hoof abscess bursting out of odd place?

    I had a horse who’s abscess burst out exactly where you describe, if I was you I would carry on with the poultice until you get nothing more out. Keep her turned out as exercise is the best thing. I wouldn’t give Bute either as it will slow down the process.
  26. silv

    Introduce your dogs: pictures and nicknames

    Ha Ha, double trouble, love these two.
  27. silv

    How do you define 'sharp'?

    This would be my definition of the term too.
  28. silv

    First day of receiving a new horse

    Turn out to relax after the journey, bring in and ride the following day.