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  1. milliepops

    NS turtle top sizing

    planning to hire one for Darcy to see if it helps the chomping problem we have... he's currently in a KK which is 135mm I think, which would put him in a medium do people find these come up true to size?
  2. milliepops

    for those who say you don't need an arena for schooling...

    No, you're quite right, you can just ride in the garden :cool: I can definitely see the value of having a chute of hedges for improving straightness in your tempis!
  3. milliepops

    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    :eek: how is it august on the weekend?! who has plans? I haven't :p though I have got a bit of cash in my pocket after a week long ebayathon so I'll probably take Darcy somewhere. Have fun all bit of Hera-spam to kick off
  4. milliepops

    For Sale Dressage books

    Arthur Kottas, philippe karl, gerd heuschmann, Heather moffett, Charlotte Dujardin Charlotte book signed :) All hardbacks and super condition £15 each, post £3, might take an offer for all!
  5. milliepops

    Weekend plans 😄

    What has everyone got planned for this week? I've just arrived for a lesson ... back later 😅
  6. milliepops

    what do you feed your lactating mares?

    Salty has been on a stud balancer since the last trimester, kept a decent condition with ad lib haylage in the field on rubbish grass. now they have access to good grass in the maternity paddock she's doing really very well. Foal is 5 weeks old and clearly getting plenty from her, she looks...
  7. milliepops

    AHT is closing after all couldn't secure funding needed to continue :(
  8. milliepops

    Early July weekend plans!

    another week gone.. what's everyone got planned? Not a lot here. MORE arena hire for mine, going with a friend on Sunday with Darcy which will be his first trip out with someone. otherwise, same old, same old... Have fun all :) Pick of the old dear to kick off
  9. milliepops

    Weekend plans!

    Scorchio!!! What's everyone got planned for the weekend? Hoping the weather backs off a bit as promised, it's stupendously hot here. we've just got back from a mildly incinerating lesson, poor Kira :oops: I had sort of thought perhaps I should take Darcy instead as he does better in hot...
  10. milliepops

    2 minutes of Sunday morning foal zoomies :D

    it's a good job that Salty doesn't try to keep up any more, she is just happy to have a bit of peace when Hera is off entertaining herself I think ;) Hopefully the weather will hold and we can mow the rest of the field and then she will have loads of space for zoomies!
  11. milliepops

    Ideas for a horsewash to carry on the lorry?

    Having a google, there seem to be all kinds of contraptions for having a horse shower on the lorry - ranging from the £ to £££££ Has anyone got something they would recommend, more at the £ end of the scale? Cold water is fine, low tech is fine, i'd just like a bit of an upgrade from the...
  12. milliepops

    Weekend plans!

    Have been summoned to start the thread 😂 What are you all up to then?
  13. milliepops

    Hera is a week old :D

    She's definitely got the hang of those legs now :cool: started trying to eat everything too :p Mum doing well, she had a bit of a gassy belly over the weekend (great timing :oops: £££) but a bit of buscopan settled everything down and she's back to her usual cheerful self. So pleased with these 2.
  14. milliepops

    Early June weekend plans :D

    what has everyone got planned? looks like more stuff is starting up again in the C&T world. I will be mainly foal-ogling. what a timewaster! and then I must get the others back into work, I've utterly let them slip because I was so knackered on foalwatch but we should get cracking again now...
  15. milliepops

    Foal pics, meet Hera

    It was suggested that my post in Breeding was hiding, so here's a new one. Introducing my first homebred, Hera, who Salty was kind enough to present to us at a very civilised hour at 8pm yesterday 😊 Today she had a check up with the vet and was pronounced fit and healthy, her IgG has come back...
  16. milliepops

    Another HHO foal!

    Born 8pm 🥰 salty is smitten
  17. milliepops

    do people insure their foals?

    thinking ahead. hopefully not counting my horse-chickens before they've hatched... Salty is still insured, her current policy runs out at the end of May. I'm probably not going to renew, the only thing she will be doing now is bumbling round in the field, there's an outside chance we may breed...
  18. milliepops

    HHO virtual clinic week 7?

    Do we still want or need this? not sure if there's still a demand now that we're starting to see lockdown lifted in some areas. I'm always keen for new ideas so if anyone has some to share please pipe up :)
  19. milliepops

    (slight) Lockdown lifting weekend plans

    Er... hurrah...? what have those of us not in the devolved nations got planned? any outings getting snuck in before the probable 2nd wave starts and we get confined again? and everyone else? I have arena hire with Kira, whooo hoooo Words can't express how happy I am about the prospect of...
  20. milliepops

    Who has a Pivo?

    sticking in here as I'm planning to use it as a training aid ;) Mine arrived this morning (currently struggling to get it to pair with my phone but excited to have a go later). anyone else got one, or got one on the way?
  21. milliepops

    Do you have to pay to hire your own school?

    now that lockdown has lifted enough for lessons to start again, friend has asked YO if it's OK for her instructor to come over. He's said yes but wants to charge a fee for the school. This is the first time I've ever come across having to pay for facilities you are already entitled to use...
  22. milliepops

    Anyone do Feldenkrais?

    This seems to be all over the place at the moment, my FB feed is chockablok with various lessons, clinics etc. I signed up for a free intro course on how it can help riders via Artistic Dressage but have to admit I'm a bit stumped so far. I'm hypermobile so prone to poor control of my loose...
  23. milliepops

    VE day weekend plans

    It has been brought to my attention that the thread is late this week 🤣 So what has everyone got planned? More of the same here, probably finally move Salty to her maternity paddock and install horsecams in their proper place for viewing :) Bit of schooling and downtime for Darcy and...
  24. milliepops

    HHO virtual clinic week 5a + b

    2 options this week! One that doesn't require lots of space and can be done in walk and trot (and canter if you have a more established horse) and ought to be suitable for those without a nice surfaced area, and one looking at improving trot-canter transitions (and introducing walk to canter...
  25. milliepops

    weekend plans?

    Another lockdown weekend *sigh* What have people got planned? weather forecast here looked rubbish before but it seems to be cheering up now so I am hoping it will stay dry. There's always fencing to do... Might take Salty down to see her maternity wing and do a trial run to see if she will...
  26. milliepops

    HHO virtual clinic - Week 4

    Unless someone else has suggestions I'm putting these forward for week 4? Happy to give way if someone is sitting on a suggestion though :) I've been watching the videos that Hayley Watson-Greaves has been putting on FB regularly and thought these 3 might complement each other and bring a...
  27. milliepops

    Weekend plans?

    another week, another weekend... anyone got any horsey plans? More of the same here. Have figured out our short arena freestyle so will get that videoed this weekend ready for entering. and do the Week 4 Virtual clinic. Need to sort out the paddock down at the maternity wing and make...
  28. milliepops

    Weekend plans

    not much to define the days at the moment other than working or not working but *klaxon* it's Thursday ;) so anyone got plans? Hoping to get Salty's maternity stable sorted out this weekend, I've been nagging OH about it for ages :p there are 2 stables, average sort of size, but one has had...
  29. milliepops

    Round bale feeder: tombstone, haybell, or....?

    Thinking ahead to next winter (groan...) This winter I was barrowing out chunks of round bale to the field horses, battling with the flipping bales, mess everywhere, wind blowing the hay back in my face as fast as I could deliver it... what fun. Decided next winter that a feeder is required...
  30. milliepops

    Easter weekend plans

    As we settle into the new normal anyone got plans for the weekend? Hoping this is the weekend we will get the fields whipped into shape. The big field needs some attention to the boundary before I can push the horses into a rested bit (otherwise Millie goes for very un-lockdowny jollies next...