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    Livery in NE Somerset

    Looking for livery yard recommendations in NE Somerset. I've given up trying to find all year live out livery, so now looking for part livery. Making the move from DIY as I'm now working more hours and finding I no longer have any quality time to spend with the boy!
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    Is anyone selling small bales of wrapped hay in the Bath area? (not haylage). Would need it delivered.
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    Barefoot Saddles

    Is anyone in this area selling a Barefoot Arizona Nut or Nevada Please?
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    Western Riding in Somerset

    Calling Western Riders in Somerset - where are you? I know there's a few more of us about now - but where? My membership to WES expired a while back, and I've lost touch - it would be really nice to hook up with fellow western riders again!
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    To Insure Or Not To Insure?

    OK - I know this has been done to death - but I'm having a bit of a wobble. Policy runs out on 9th July. Been insured with these people (NFU) for donkey's years. No claims. Premiums increase each year. Had a chat with them last year and reduced insured value of horse, which reduced premium a...
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    I'm looking for somewhere that can offer track livery for my boy - I've used this system before and it works very well for him. I live in Radstock, so would be looking for somewhere as close as possible. I'm very restricted in the current (private) yard I'm on. He's out 24/7 for the summer, but...
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    How Much For This Service?

    As per title - I'm on DIY with assistance, 3 turnouts and 1 bring in per week depending on my working hours. Horse is brought in or turned out, rug changed, feed given (already made up by me). That's all - no feet picked/ bowls washed etc. I pay £1.50 per time for this, which seems the going...
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    What do you feed your Kelpies?

    As per title really. We got our new dog on Sunday - a rehome - 6 month old Kelpie male. He'd been fed Spillers Field and Trial puppy. Nev's not and is never going to be a working dog - so should we continue with this? Or get him onto something with less "oomph"?
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    Dorset heavy horse show sunday

    Just wondering, as the weather is a bit tricky, if the show is still on on Sunday? Anyone know? Don't want to drive there and find it's cancelled!
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    Dorset heavy horse show

    As the weather forecast is pretty grim - does anyone know if the show is still on this Sunday (Motcombe Nr. Gillingham).
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    Rog - help!

    Rog - I think you may be the only person that can help - rapidly losing the will to live here, and can make no sense whatsoever of the DVLA site. Our son has just passed his class 2 Cat C HGV test. All 4 modules done and passed. He now needs to get his licence upgraded. On the back of the...
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    Looking For DIY Livery Radstock Area of Somerset

    DIY Livery wanted - with occasional assistance if possible - in the Radstock area of Somerset. I have 1 very sociable and well behaved barefoot gelding. He likes company so shared grazing would be good. We no longer compete but still enjoy a good workout - so an arena would be good too - and...
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    Tree'd vs. Tree -less saddles.

    My current western saddle is going to have to be replaced shortly - I'm toying with the idea of buying a Barefoot Arizona Nut western saddle. I'm liking most of what I'm reading about these things - but part of me is still concerned about the stability thing. Most of the write-ups recommend you...
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    Track Livery System

    Does anyone know of somewhere offering track livery or 24/7 turnout in the Bath/Frome area? Used to have my own track system at previous yard as I had my own little field, and it worked a treat for my boys. Now I'm down to one horse and would really like to have him on this kind of system again...
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    Western items for sale

    Weaver Leather German Martingale. Used once. Excellent used condition. Colour Tan. £50.00. Professionals Choice Sports Medicine Boots, SMBll - 100. Size Medium. Colour White. Used twice then stored. Very good used condition. £25.00. Both items can posted at cost, or welcome to collect from...
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    Tiny white specks - cat flea eggs?

    I know that the black specks are flea dirts/poo - but what are the tiny white specks the cat leaves behind - eggs?
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    Rider Lights - where to buy?

    Does anyone know where we can buy these LED lights that the BHS is recommending we use when riding on the roads? I've looked in the usual places - but they all seem geared towards cyclists, joggers and construction workers.
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    Stable rugs

    Anyone doing good deals on stable rugs at the moment? Looking for a standard neck medium weight for a big chested, big arsed Q.H. TIA
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    Calling Horse1979 ...

    What happened about your pony??
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    Can anyone recommend ...

    a decent DIY yard in the in the Radstock/Bath/Frome area? 1 space needed for a quiet gelding.
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    Magnetic Therapy (for humans)

    Getting fed up with the age/work/lifestyle related aches and pains. I've done most of the supplement stuff, and don't want to spend the rest of my life on pain killers! Have any of you tried this? I'm looking at the Bioflow Explorer wristband. Looks OK and has a nice sturdy strap. The cynic in...
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    Sarafina! clear your inbox!

    Thanks for your pm Sarafina. Tried to message back but your inbox is full!
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    FLEAS!! Best treatment??

    Went to the vets the other day to get some Frontline spray, to be told they no longer sell it as it's become less effective. Any recommendations? Needs to be used on the cat too! Tried spot-on treatments before, and they send them both loopy. Looks like I can still get it online, but if it's...
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    Looking For .........

    The impossible it would seem! The time has come, after 7 (reasonably) happy years to move on. The yard has become a place that I just don't look forward to going to any more. I have 2 very well behaved and respectful geldings looking for new digs. We're open to different options. New yard, whole...
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    Tack Insurance On Livery Yards?

    Morning everyone, I'm likely to get involved in a conversation about this today - so thought I'd do a bit of research first! To those of you on DIY yards - is your tack covered for theft by the YO/YM?
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    The Dogs Trust

    Been trying to get onto their website for a few days, but just get Page Cannot be Displayed. Anyone know what's happened?
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    For Sale

    I have a 1 litre bottle of AH181 by Trinity Consultants for sale. I've only used a tiny amount so the bottle is nearly full. My old boy won't touch the stuff. I want £20 for it (cost 50!), plus the postage. Or welcome to collect if wanted.
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    Trinity Consultants AH181

    Posted about this a couple of weeks ago but no replies, so trying again - I've got a nearly full bottle of this stuff - my old pony will not touch it - if anyone is interested, please pm me. Thanks.
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    Ah 181

    Does anyone out there feed this stuff? I have tried EVERY trick in the book - but my old pony will not touch it. As it's so expensive, I'm definitely not throwing it away! So if any of you are interested in a nearly full bottle of this stuff, please pm me, and I'll let you know what I'm asking...
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    Cavallo Simple Hoof Boots and Pastern Wraps

    I'm considering getting some of these for my boy. His legs are quite fine, and with the gap at the top of the boots, I think the wraps will be needed. Will I need to get a size larger in the boots to allow for the wraps?